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June 5, 2006

The recent Santa Cruz Center for International Economics conference with San Francisco Fed President Janet Yellen attracted top media coverage, including stories by Reuters and Bloomberg News that appeared in the Washington Post, Sydney Morning Herald, Taipei Times, Economic Times of India, Buffalo News, the Globe and Mail in Canada, as well as on the ABC News web site, Australia's,, MarketWatch, and

Susanne Jonas of Latin American and Latino studies was interviewed about immigration issues by La Opinion, one of the largest Spanish-language newspapers in the country.

Research on the origins of Saturn's moon Triton by Craig Agnor, a researcher in the Earth Sciences Department, received ongoing media attention, including stories in the Washington Post, Duluth News-Tribune, UPI, Space Daily, and Xinhua News Service.

Earth sciences graduate student Alex Hutko and professor Thorne Lay were featured in stories about their research on subducted slabs of Earth's crust that ran in Yahoo News, Fox News online, Space Daily, LiveScience, Innovations Report, and

The Chronicle of Higher Education quoted Mary-Kay Gamel, professor of classics and comparative literature, in an article about a UCLA classics professor's translation of a comedy by the Roman playwright Plautus.

Biologist Barry Sinervo's research on the evolution of altruism in lizards was covered in Genomics and Genetics Weekly, Science Letter, Life Science Weekly, and other newsletters.

Julie Guthman of community studies was featured in a Science Today radio news spot produced by UC and broadcast by the CBS network. She discussed organic farming in California.

Biologist Steven Berkeley was interviewed on NPR's All Things Considered for a story about evolutionary changes in fish caused by overfishing.

KQED Radio in San Francisco produced a segment for National Public Radio's Living on Earth program about the closure of a power plant near the Bayview Hunter's Point neighborhood. Environmental justice expert Manuel Pastor of Latin American and Latino studies was featured in the broadcast. Living on Earth is broadcast on about 300 NPR stations each week, airing in 9 of the 10 top radio markets and reaching 80 percent of the U.S.

Science and Technology News quoted commentary by Maureen Callanan of psychology in their coverage of new research about how children learn from their parents about science and God.

David Haussler, professor of biomolecular engineering, was quoted in a San Francisco Chronicle story about the evolutionary history of humans and chimps.

Sociologist Ben Crow was featured in a Concord (New Hampshire) Monitor article about efforts to bring clean water and power to impoverished countries. Crow discussed the political will that's necessary to bring about lasting change.

The Miami Herald, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, and Kansas City Star were among the newspapers that published articles about research by economist Rob Fairlie, who ranked the entrepreneurial activity of individual states and major cities in the United States. PrimeZone Media Network also covered the story.

The Washington Post published an editorial by Emily Saarman, a graduate student in the Science Communication Program, on nutrient pollution in Chesapeake Bay.

The San Jose Mercury News and Santa Cruz Sentinel ran stories about Costa Spur and Terrie Bluff, sites in Antarctica named for biologists Daniel Costa and Terrie Williams.

Biologist John Pearse was quoted in a Santa Cruz Sentinel story about state plans for a network of reserves to protect ocean habitat.

Physicist Sriram Shastry was quoted in a story about a theoretical "invisibility cloak" that ran in Information Week, IT News Australia, and other online news sites.

Research on neurodegenerative disorders by biochemist Anthony Fink and his coworkers was covered in Aging and Elder Health Week, Mental Health Business Week, Health and Medicine Week, Biotech Week, and other newsletters.

A Los Angeles Times travel feature about summer theater advised readers that “redwoods encircle the enchanting Sinsheimer-Stanley Festival Glen” at Shakespeare Santa Cruz's summer festival at UCSC.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran two announcements of the appointment of Georges Van Den Abbeele as new dean of the Humanities Division.

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