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June 5, 2006

Deadline to register for Prediction Walk/Run is June 6

The 19th Annual Prediction Walk/Run will be on Tuesday, June 13, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. (Note the date change--the event usually takes place in May.) Any faculty or staff member from UCSC may participate in this fun fitness activity. You'll receive a free T-shirt and get the chance to win some not-so-fabulous prizes. Space is limited to the first 65 teams registered. The deadline to register is June 6.

A Prediction Walk/Run is a relay. Each person on a team of four predicts his/her time to run or walk a distance of one-half mile at a comfortable pace. The captain of the team predicts how long, in minutes and seconds, the team will need to complete two miles (four half-mile laps). During the relay, one person from the team will hand a baton to the next person. Participants do not have to run or walk fast to win the event--the closest actual time to the predicted time wins! Bring your own creative baton and leave your watches at work!

If you would like to help pay for equipment and travel expenses for women's athletics, send a check (payable to UCSC FOUNDATION) with your application--$5 / person would be greatly appreciated. This donation is completely voluntary and not required to participate in the Walk/Run event.

To register, select your team, give it a name, and mail your completed entry form (downloadable PDF) to:
Dan Wood, East Fieldhouse.

Keep a copy of your entry form. If you have questions, call OPERS at (831) 459-2531.

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