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May 22, 2006


The following individuals retired during the period of January through April 2006. Retirees are listed with their position prior to retirement and their years of service (rounded to the nearest year). Thanks to all for their many years of service to the university.

Lori Aitken, program representative, University Extension, 16 years
Barbara Butler, groundskeeper, gardener,. 6 years
Breck Caloss, associate director, Academic Human Resources, 27 years
Louis Dioszegi, groundskeeper gardener, 10 years
Nancy Woodling Eder, manager, Staff Human Resources, 20 years
Arthur Fischer, professor of mathematics, 33 years
Susan Ford, HR partner, Staff Human Resources, 7 years
Jill Fusari, supervisor, Office of Physical Education, Recreation, and Sports, 16 years
Lance Kutchins, database coordinator, Mail Services, 18 years
David Lajoie, senior building maintenance supervisor, 8 years
Katharine Lawrence, graduate program adviser, Literature Department, 18 years
Frederick Martin, senior custodian, Physical Plant, 8 years
Deborah Munos, visitor information, Transportation and Parking Services, 13 years
Evelyn Prichard, administrative manager, Psychology Department, 34 years
Judy Rose, continuing education specialist, University Extension, 18 years
John Shay, maintenance supervisor, Colleges and University Housing Services, 21 years
Gary Silberstein, research biologist, 21 years
Keith Skaug, facilities manager, Institute of Marine Sciences, 30 years
Remington Stone, research astronomer, Mt. Hamilton operations director, UCO/Lick, 39 years
Timothy Taylor, assistant engineer, Physical Plant, 18 years
Nancy Thomas, office manager, McHenry Library, 16 years
Katharine Van Horn, staff research associate, Physical and Biological Sciences, 14 years
Jose Vargas, senior custodian, Physical Plant, 20 years
Thomas Wittman, mechanic, Physical Plant, 9 years
Dianne Wright, executive assistant, Chancellor's Office, 11 years
Chieko Yoshikawa, library assistant, McHenry Library, 18 years

Retirements, September-December, 2005
Retirements, May-August, 2005
Retirements, February-April, 2005
Retirements, September 2004-January 2005

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