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May 8, 2006

Myers Trust awards grants to nine UCSC students for marine research

By Tim Stephens

The Dr. Earl H. Myers and Ethel M. Myers Oceanographic and Marine Biology Trust of Pebble Beach has granted $13,300 to nine UCSC students who conduct marine-related research.

Each year the trust supports the work of outstanding student researchers in the Monterey Bay Area. The trust was established by the estates of Earl H. Myers, an internationally known oceanographic biologist at Stanford University's Hopkins Marine Station who died in 1975, and his wife and research assistant Ethel M. Myers, who died in 1985.

The awards include the Ferd Ruth Award, established in honor of the late Ferd Ruth and given this year to UCSC student Matt Bromage. Ferd Ruth and his son Steve have managed the Myers Trust since its inception.

This year's awards, which range from $1,000 to $2,900, went to the following graduate students:

Yvette R. Alva, "Reconstructing the biogeography of reef fish in the Tropical Eastern Pacific" (faculty adviser Giacomo Bernardi, ecology and evolutionary biology)

Matt Bromage (Ferd Ruth Award), "SEA-LABS: A sensor network for real-time monitoring of shallow marine habitat" (faculty advisers Donald Potts, ecology and evolutionary biology, and Katia Obraczka, computer engineering)

Petra Dekens, "Seasonal and interannual climate variability associated with El Nino Southern Oscillation during the early Holocene" (faculty advisers Christina Ravelo and Matthew McCarthy, ocean sciences)

Robin Dunkin, "Seasonal changes in metabolic rate, caloric intake, body mass, and blubber thickness in cetaceans" (faculty adviser Terrie Williams, ecology and evolutionary biology)

Katie Griffith, "Distribution and abundance of Cuscuta salina (salt marsh dodder) at Elkhorn Slough" (faculty advisers Todd Newberry and Peter Raimondi, ecology and evolutionary biology)

Sora Kim, "A biogeochemical approach to study dietary changes of white sharks off the California coast from modern, historical and archaeological vertebrae remains" (faculty adviser Paul Koch)

Kelly M. Newton, "At-sea mortality patterns of Monterey Bay seabirds" (faculty advisers Donald Croll and Bernie Tershy, ecology and evolutionary biology)

David L. Revell, "Shoreline stability: linking natural history and ecology along the Santa Barbara coast to inform coastal decision-making and conservation" (faculty adviser Gary Griggs, Earth sciences)

Dana K. Wingfield, "Elucidating habitat use of foraging juvenile loggerhead turtles in Baja California Sur, Mexico" (faculty advisers Gary Griggs, Earth sciences, and Donald Croll, ecology and evolutionary biology)

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