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February 27, 2006

Four students receive Janice A. Nowell Memorial Awards

Four students were awarded grants to support their research this year from the Janice A. Nowell Memorial Fund. The awards of up to $500 are given to UCSC students who use electron microscopy in their research.

The awards honor the memory of Janice Nowell, coordinator of the UCSC Electron Microscope Facility from 1975 until her death in 1984. A native of England, Nowell arrived in California in 1964. After working in the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis, she came to UCSC to manage the newly consolidated Electron Microscope Facility. At Santa Cruz, Nowell was an active researcher, teacher, and author who was dedicated to making electron microscopy accessible as a research and teaching tool to the entire campus community.

"She was known for her patience, grace, and humor and admired for her sincerity and frankness," said Jonathan Krupp, who supervises the UCSC Microscopy and Imaging Laboratory.

Applicants for the awards are evaluated on the basis of their academic merit, the quality of their research project, and their incorporation of electron microscopy techniques. This year's recipients and their projects are as follows:

Itchung Cheung, graduate student, marine sciences: "Domoic Acid in Rock Crabs of Monterey Bay"

Julio Gomez, undergraduate, marine biology: "Adaptive Characteristics of Fur: Transition from Terrestrial to Aquatic Carnivores"

Janine Ilagan, undergraduate, molecular, cell, and developmental biology: "Analysis of Chaperonin"

Peter Lippert, graduate student, Earth sciences: "A Biogenic Origin for Anomalous Fine-grained Magnetic Particles at the Paleocene-Eocene Boundary at Wilson Lake, NJ: A TEM Test"

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