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January 30, 2006


The following individuals retired during the period of September through December 2005. Retirees are listed with their position prior to retirement and their years of service (rounded to the nearest year). Thanks to all for their many years of service to the university.

Paul Babb, fire captain, Fire Department, 30 years
Lynn Bonnell
, undergraduate advising manager, Baskin School of Engineering, 21 years
Angela Christmann
, college programs coordinator, Cowell College, 24 years
Janette Crutch
, coordinator, Psychology Graduate Program, 19 years
Richard Elam, auto equipment operator, TAPS, 7 years
Virginia Fitzmaurice, special assistant to the CAO, Kresge College, 26 years
Karin Gerber, program assistant, University Extension, 6 years
Timothy Goncharoff, coordinator, Village, Grad Housing, and Camper Park, Colleges and University Housing Services, 20 years
Esperanza Nee, director, Financial Aid, 20 years
John Nugent, assistant engineer, Physical Plant, 18 years
Charles (Leo) Ortiz, professor of biology, 32 years
Gerry Rodman, assistant, University Extension, 21 years
Jesse Rodriguez, senior building maintenance worker, Colleges and University Housing Services, 17 years

Retirements, May-September, 2005
Retirements, February-April, 2005
Retirements, September 2004-January 2005

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