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January 23, 2006

The New York Times ran a story about research by Earth scientists Erik Asphaug, Quentin Williams, and postgrad researcher Craig Agnor on the role of hit-and-run collisions in planet formation. The Santa Cruz Sentinel also ran a story about their research.

Psychology professor Avril Thorne's research on autobiographical memory is featured in an article in Psychology Today.

History of consciousness and women's studies professor Angela Davis appeared on Democracy Now to discuss the California execution of Stanley Tookie Williams.

John Pearse, professor emeritus of biology, was featured in a front-page story in the San Francisco Chronicle on the effects of global warming on the California coast (the first of a three-part series).

Time magazine quoted sociology professor Craig Reinarman in a story about drug use among baby boomers.

John Brown Childs of sociology appeared on KUSP's Talk of the Bay program to discuss his new book, Hurricane Katrina, which includes essays by a number of UCSC faculty and affiliates.

Sociology instructor Mike Males penned an opinion piece for the San Francisco Chronicle about teen suicide, noting that teens in the San Francisco Bay Area have one of the lowest suicide rates of any population in the United States, down dramatically since 1970.

Alan Chadwick Garden Manager Orin Martin was quoted in the Waldoboro (Maine) Village Soup about changing weather patterns.

The Seattle Times ran a column about U.S. immigration policy that relied heavily on the insights of Manuel Pastor of Latin American and Latino studies, who described the "catch-22" for would-be migrants who face the prospect of years of bureaucratic delay if they apply for legal entry or the threat of deportation if they enter the country illegally.

Professor Emeritus Bill Domhoff of psychology was tapped for his expertise on dreams for a story that appeared in the Charlotte Observer.

The Monterey County Herald ran a story about Todd Newberry, professor emeritus of biology, and his new book, The Ardent Birder.

The Contra Costa Times ran a story about the New Teacher Center's work with novice teachers. The Chicago Sun-Times also featured the New Teacher Center in a column coauthored by Richard Riley, former U.S. secretary of education, about the urgent need to keep new teachers working in the profession.

Economist Federico Ravenna's participation in an Allied Social Science Associations seminar was covered by Main Wire.

In a story about the significance of race among the generation dubbed "millennials," the Dallas Morning News quoted Pamela Perry of community studies, who has studied the racial identities of high school students.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel quoted associate professor of literature Christopher Connery in a story on a conference hosted by UCSC's Center for Cultural Studies about Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans. The article also noted a photo exhibit featured at the conference by assistant professor of art Lewis Watts.

India Business Standard noted that UCSC's Satyajit Ray Film and Study Collection has successfully restored 15 of the late Indian director's films.

The Santa Cruz Good Times ran a cover story on the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. lecture presented by UCSC's Arts & Lectures program.

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