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CruzMail updates campus e-mail

On November 28, the old campus e-mail server, cats-po-1, was successfully retired. All campus e-mail users who were previously on cats-po-1 are now on CruzMail, the new enterprise e-mail system.

According to CruzMail project manager Sara Isenberg, the retirement of cats-po-1 is an important milestone in the life of the CruzMail project. CruzMail can now move forward with the rollout of other new features and enhancements.

In addition to having a more secure and robust infrastructure than the old e-mail server, the new CruzMail system allows users to send vacation messages when away from work and to access their campus e-mail from any web browser, such as when traveling or working from home. In October and November, additional spam blocking was put in place, resulting in a great reduction of spam entering the campus e-mail system.

There is still more work to be done on the CruzMail project. Some of the future enhancements include additional spam and virus protection, improved list services, and improved webmail interface. Other improvements will be oriented toward the protection and maintenance of the system, including security initiatives and quotas.

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