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Awards and Honors

Melanie Mayer, professor emerita of psychology and psychobiology, is featured in the new documentary Women of the Goldrush. Scheduled to air November 9 on Irish Public Television, the film tells of three Irish women who prospered in the Klondike Gold Rush. Belinda Mulrooney Carbonneau, about whom Mayer has published a biography, Staking her Claim, was one of the foremost entrepreneurs of the Klondike.

Thomas Pettigrew, research professor of social psychology, has just returned from Europe where he gave invited lectures at the Universities of Amsterdam, Marburg, and Bielefeld. He also attended the annual meeting in Berlin of the German government's Commission on Intercultural Conflict and Societal Integration.

Jim MacDonald, staff physician at the Student Health Center, gave two talks at the annual Pacific Coast College Health Association (PCCHA) meeting in Spokane, Washington, in October. He spoke on the use of e-mail in clinician/patient interactions and on the identification and treatment of latent tuberculosis infection. The PCCHA is the regional association promoting state-of-the-art health practices for university students.

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