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Chemers visits student fundraisers

TOP callers pictured here l-r are (bottom row) Larry Tak, Tacia Grande, Acting Chancellor Martin M. Chemers, Tyler Corelitz, Mo Aronsohn, Rosika Babakhanian; (middle row) Mauricio Orantes, Andrea Legg, Brian Korsak, Alexis Gajek, Alex Koskevatsky, Jennifer Dunn; (top row) Kaytee Fink, Jessica Lewinstein, Erica Garcia, Julie Heber. Louise Donahue photo

Acting Chancellor Martin M. Chemers spoke recently to the student staffers in the Telephone Outreach Program, answering questions on a range of topics, including fundraising priorities on campus, state and fiscal budget cuts, tuition increases, grading policies, and the overall need of private support to maintain UCSC's unique and innovative academic culture.

The Telephone Outreach Program is sponsored by the Annual Fund office and employs a student staff of 30. The students contact more than 18,000 alumni, parents, and friends of the university for annual private support. Last year, the TOP raised a record amount, $1,116,255.

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