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The Christian Science Monitor called on physicist Bruce Schumm for a critique of the ideas about quantum physics presented in the new movie What the Bleep do We Know?!

A San Diego Union-Tribune reporter called Michael Brown of politics to discuss reapportionment, open primaries, and ballot items, and his story was distributed over Copley News Service.

Richard Hughey, professor and chair of computer engineering, was quoted extensively in an article about bioinformatics in the Silicon Valley Metro.

Women's studies professor Bettina Aptheker was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle, Alameda Times-Star, Berkeley Daily Planet, and Tri-Valley Herald in additional stories about the 40th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement at UC Berkeley.

The Ottawa Citizen ran a glowing writeup of the recent speech in Edmonton by economist Michael Hutchison, who discussed East Asian capital flows.

An article in the Contra Costa Times about research indicating that woolly mammoths and other large mammals were wiped out in North America by a combination of human hunting and climate change included quotes from Paul Koch, professor of Earth sciences and a collaborator on the study.

Julie Guthman of community studies was interviewed by KPFA Radio and a Marin County radio station about her new book, Agrarian Dreams.

Florida's Naples Daily News quoted linguistics professor Geoffrey Pullum in an article about how politicians can mislead voters without actually saying anything untrue.

The Toledo Blade quoted geophysicist Steven Ward in a story about the potential for a volcanic eruption in the Canary Islands to cause a massive tsunami in the Atlantic Ocean.

Literature professor Helene Moglen was quoted in the Santa Cruz Sentinel about Shock and Awe: War on Words, a new book published by UCSC's Institute for Advanced Feminist Research that explores the political meaning of words.

Astronomer Greg Laughlin was quoted in an article about extrasolar planets on the web sites of and Astrobiology Magazine.

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