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The following individuals retired during the months of May, June, July, and August. Retirees are listed with their position prior to retirement and their years of service (rounded to the nearest year). Thanks to all for their many years of service to the university.

Wanda Amos, manager, Student Housing Services, 17 years

Stephen Ayraud, principal engineer, Physical Planning and Construction, 19 years

June Baker, student health insurance coordinator, Student Health Services, 22 years

Mary Blackmon, business manager, Child Care Services, 8 years

Peter Bolanos, senior custodian, Physical Plant, 29 years

Lowell Burton, senior building maintenance supervisor, Colleges and University Housing Services, 28 years

Victoria Case, administrative specialist, Physical and Biological Sciences, 16 years

Carolyn Crandall, academic preceptor, Kresge College, 22 years

Robert Cummins, principal technician, Environmental Health and Safety, 17 years

Ruth Ann Cummins, data management assistant, Financial Aid Office, 8 years

Susan Curtis, management services officer, Physical and Biological Sciences, 29 years

Carol Douglas-Hammer, assistant director, Student Housing Services, 24 years

Robin Drury, academic coordinator, Central California Writing Project, 13 years

Miriam Ellis, lecturer in French, 25 years

Mary Lou Evaro, assistant, Bay Tree Bookstore, 9 years

Patricia Fitchen, lecturer in French, 25 years

Stanley Flatté, professor of physics, 34 years

Donna Hagler, undergraduate adviser, Sociology Department, 26 years

Conn Hallinan, lecturer in journalism, 15 years

Susie Jackson, senior collections representative, Accounts Receivable, 5 years

Randall Jarrell, senior editor and head of the Regional History Project, McHenry Library, 16 years

Antoni Kubis, senior custodian, Physical Plant, 19 years

Bruce Larkin, professor of politics, 38 years

Judith Martin-Hoyt, compensation manager, Financial Safety, 26 years

Susan McBride, regional employment specialist, Career Center, 23 years

James Membrez, head copy cataloging, McHenry Library, 23 years

Larry Millsap, librarian and head of technical services, McHenry Library, 29 years

Juanita Nama, department manager, Environmental Studies Department, 33 years

Gabriel Perez, groundskeeper, Physical Plant, 21 years

Jacqueline Raaye, assistant, Counseling and Psychological Services, 15 years

Alex Reveles, college administrative officer, Crown and Merrill Colleges, 29 years

Cherie Reveles, business operations director, Central Business Office, 21 years

Cheryl Ridgway, administrative analyst, Humanities Division, 23 years

Elizabeth (Betty) Rush, assistant director, Planning and Budget Operations, 12 years

James Ryan, programmer analyst, Colleges and University Housing Services, 17 years

Frank J. Talamantes, professor of biology, 30 years

R. Michael Tanner, professor, Computer Science Department, 30 years

Stephen Taylor, material planner, Physical Plant, 24 years

Gudmundur Thordarson, associate research biologist, Biology Department, 20 years

Corinne Kim Tyler, department manager, Computer Science Department, 21 years

Richard Vasquez, regional coordinator, UC College Prep Initiative, 26 years

Patricia (Trish) Virgadamo, benefits analyst, Benefits Office, 14 years

Victoria Welborn, librarian, University Library, 14 years

Andrea Welles, undergraduate adviser, Environmental Studies Department, 12 years

Sharon Westlake, supervisor of the serials unit, McHenry Library, 35 years

W. Todd Wipke, professor of chemistry, 28 years

Judith Yung, professor of American studies, 14 years

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