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September 20, 2004

UCSC in the News

Environmental studies doctoral candidate Max Boykoff made media waves with his analysis of the coverage of global warming in four top U.S. newspapers. His study generated calls from the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, National Public Radio's Living on Earth program, Nature, Mother Jones, United Press International, the Connecticut Post, Air America Radio, KSCO Radio, Environment Writer, Weatherwise magazine, and the American Meteorological Society. Grist magazine posted an item on its web site, and Boykoff appeared on KUSP Radio with environmental studies prof Michael Loik.

The discovery of the first Neptune-sized planets outside our solar system by a group including UCSC astronomer Steven Vogt was widely reported in the media, including stories in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, San Jose Mercury News, San Francisco Chronicle, Contra Costa Times, and online at Astronomer Douglas Lin, an expert on planet formation, was quoted in the Mercury News article.

American studies professor George Lipsitz was quoted extensively in a Los Angeles Times feature about the recent short-lived explosion of Latino artists on the popular music charts. Canada's Hamilton Spectator and Virginia's Daily Press also picked up the story.

The New Teacher Center's work with New York City schools was covered by the New York Post and Newsday.

Politics prof Mike Urban capped a busy news cycle with an appearance on National Public Radio's Weekend Edition, discussing the popularity of blues music in Russia, which is the topic of his recent book. Urban was also interviewed about the Chechen War by BBC Radio and KPFK Radio in Los Angeles.

Arboretum director Dan Harder was quoted in a Santa Cruz Sentinel article about a concert at the Arboretum's newly refurbished amphitheater.

Assistant professor of film and digital media L. S. Kim was quoted several times in a Chicago Sun-Times article about the dearth of jobs for Asian American actors in the United States.

Economist Lori Kletzer continues to field media calls about the outsourcing of jobs, the latest from the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Also in economics, Carl Walsh was quoted in a Sacramento Bee business profile about the impact of productivity growth on jobs.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel quoted Institute of Marine Sciences researcher Peter Miller in a story about a project he is leading to test new technology for monitoring toxic algae along the California coast.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel noted the influence of theater arts professor James Bierman and Mary-Kay Gamel, professor of classics and comparative literature, on filmmaker and UCSC alum Jacob Estes in an article about Estes's debut feature film, Mean Creek.

Environmental studies profs Carol Shennan and Steve Gliessman shared the spotlight in coverage of a new federal grant for agroecology research that appeared in the Santa Cruz Sentinel and the Monterey Herald.

Giacomo Bernardi, associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, was featured in a segment about protecting coral reefs on the National Public Radio program Day to Day.

American studies professor and department chair Tricia Rose was quoted in a article about sexuality and HIV/AIDS in the black community.

Ronnie Lipschutz of politics was quoted in a Santa Cruz Sentinel article about the curtailment of civil liberties today and the experience of Japanese Americans during World War II.

Gary Glatzmaier, professor of Earth sciences, was featured in a National Geographic News story about the Earth's magnetic field.

Literature professor Paul Skenazy recently contributed three book reviews to the Washington Post.

Sociologist Marcia Millman's new book about sisters is generating media calls. She appeared on the Jane Pauley Show and has done radio interviews for Icicle Networks in San Francisco, WFMP in Minneapolis, WKCT in Kentucky, WICH in Connecticut, KCLU in Santa Barbara, KVON in Napa, and WEBR in Virginia.

An article about antimatter on quoted physics professor Michael Dine.

The San Jose Mercury News quoted Manuel Pastor of Latin American and Latino studies in a story about fans with multiple allegiances during the Olympic games.

Professor of Earth sciences Andrew Fisher was featured in a story about the Ocean Drilling Program on the Science News for Kids web site.

Psychology's dream expert Bill Domhoff was quoted in a Palm Beach Post story about the meaning of dreams.

Research on cholera bacteria by Fitnat Yildiz, assistant professor of environmental toxicology, was featured in Genomics and Genetics Weekly, Biotech Week, and several other health-related weekly newsletters.

Student Affairs chief Francisco Hernandez was featured in a Chronicle of Higher Education story about a new nonprofit group that will build a repository of online course content.

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