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Awards and Honors

Awards ceremony caps Student Achievement Week

The College Nine/College Ten Multipurpose Room was a scene of celebration June 3 as accomplishments in an array of disciplines were recognized at the annual Student Achievement Awards.

The event included a welcome from Chancellor Denice D. Denton, with William Ladusaw, interim vice provost and dean of undergraduate education as emcee. Students scheduled to speak included Darby Elden, Marcela Johnson, and Blaise Hamel.

Presentation of the Deans’ and Chancellor’s Awards was made by the deans of each academic division and by Interim Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor David Kliger. Loren Steck presented the Steck Award.

Awards and scholarships included:

Deans’ & Chancellor’s Awards. These awards recognize outstanding achievements by undergraduate students. Ten Deans’ Awards are awarded to students within each division (Arts, Engineering, Humanities, Physical & Biological Sciences, Social Sciences). Of those students, up to three in each division can be selected to receive a Chancellor’s Award.

Steck Award. This award honors the finest senior thesis completed during an academic year. The winner is chosen from the Chancellor’s Award candidates. Martin Smith, a history senior. His thesis is titled: " 'I Don't Wanna Die': The Soldiers' Rebellion in Vietnam: Race, Class, and Resistance." Smith, a Marine Corps veteran who studied Russian at the Defense Department’s Language Institute in Monterey, has won other awards for his research. (See 2004 Currents profile) Steck Committee members are Mary Doyle, David Graves, John Martin, Gary Novack and Loren Steck. Smith's advisers are Paul Ortiz, Alice Yang, and Dana Frank.

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship. The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program was established by Congress in 1986. Its purpose is to provide a continuing source of qualified scientists, mathematicians, and engineers by awarding scholarships to college students who intend to pursue careers in those fields. Winning the scholarship was Blaise Hamel.

Donald A. Strauss Scholarship. The Strauss Foundation awards scholarships to students from selected four-year California colleges and universities who have demonstrated an interest in public service, have outstanding leadership potential, and are in the upper one-third of their class. Kara Deyhle received the award.

The Kenneth and Ann Thimann Scholarship. The Kenneth and Ann Thimann Scholarship is awarded to a graduating UCSC senior who has been accepted to graduate school and shows the most promise as a future scientist in one of the disciplines of biology, chemistry, Earth sciences, or physics.

Adobe Scholarship. The Adobe Scholarship recognizes students for their achievements and pursuit of academic opportunities, and is awarded by the Multicultural Engineering Program (MEP) to students who demonstrate outstanding leadership to the engineering community.

Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship. The Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship recognizes students' academic achievement and is awarded to help women continue in their pursuit of engineering and computer science degrees at UCSC. However, both female and male students in the School of Engineering may receive this award. The scholarship honors its namesake, Amy Beth Snader, an alumna of UCSC in computer and iInformation sciences.

Joseph F. Bunnett Research Prize. The Bunnett Prize was established in 2001 by the Department of chemistry and Biochemistry to be awarded to seniors majoring in chemistry or biochemistry and molecular biology (BMB) and who are conducting a research project.

Students honored were:

Muhammad Farhan Abbasi -- Regent Scholar, Karl S. Pister Leadership Opportunity Award, .'03-04
Frances Adachi -- Regents Scholar
Rodrigo Alatriste-Diaz -- CLRC Undergraduate Research
Eric Alcid -- Minority Biomedical Research Support Program (MBRS) participant
Bartolo Alvarado -- Deans' & Chancellor's Award
Sarah Amador -- CLRC Undergraduate Research Program
Veronica Anania – K. & A. Thimann honorable mention
Blake Anderson -- Susan B. and William H. Irwin Scholarship
Nora Aoyagi -- W.H & S.B. Irwin Scholarship
Samuel Araya -- Altman Family Trust Scholarship
Sonia Arevalo -- Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) Program participant
Eytihia Arges -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '05-06
Joanne Arguello -- MBRS participant
Michael Arias -- Deans' Award
Patricia Atrian-Cruz -- Adobe Scholarship
Sylvia Baba -- Ernest & Jean Kretschmer Music Scholarship
Natalie Ballieau -- Richard Cooley/Friends Foundation Intl.
Aura Barr -- Switzer Music Scholarship
Kelly Lee Barrett – W.H & S.B. Irwin Scholarship
Pablo Prieto Barrick -- J.W.T. Youngs Mathematics -6'04
Anne-Marie Becker -- Regents Scholar
Tallie Ben Daniel -- Deans' & Chancellor's Award
Leia Catharine Berg -- Deans' Award, Joel Frankel Scholarship
Peter Bergstrom -- Deans' & Chancellor's, Honorable
Mention Huffman Prize
Cole Berry -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '05-06
Adam Bickett -- Plantronics Scholarship
Stacey Marie Bixby -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '03-04
Tagan Blake -- Regents Scholar
Alex Bogdanov -- Ernest & Jean Kretschmer Scholarship
Lauren Bomse -- Porter College Music Scholarship
Sandra Bonilla -- Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship
Tamara Bookbinder -- CUIP '04 -05
Julio Borrero -- Regents Scholar
Eric Broberg -- Regents Scholar
Sara Brucker -- Dean's Award
Felix Brynn -- Skolnick Memorial Scholarship
Ben Buabin -- Deans' Award
Autumn-Pearl Buniger -- Regents Scholar

Carlos Cabrera -- Deans' Award and Adobe Scholarship, Karl S. Pister '03-04
Allison Canter -- James Stuart Chanley Scholarship
Diana Carreno -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '03-04
Ralf Carrillo -- MARC participant
Marisol Castaneda -- CLRC Undergraduate Research Program
Krystle Catelli -- Deans', Chancellor's Award, and Geoscientists
Outstanding Women
Lourdes Chang -- Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship
Katy Yan Chen -- Blanche McKenzie Scholarship
Kori Saika Chen -- CUIP '04 -05
Jaime Chhu -- Deans' Award
Stephanie Chiu -- Regents Scholar
Marie Cole -- Regents Scholar
David Combs -- Joseph Bunnett Research Prize, R. Scholar
Gordon Combs -- William & Susan Benteen Irwin Scholarship
Jeremy Copperman -- Regents Scholar
Jonathan Cornell -- Regents Scholar
Angelica Magdalena Correa -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '03-04
Jennifer Curl -- Regents Scholar
Patti Curl -- Dean's Award
Navya Davuluri -- Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship
Tatiana Dayers -- CUIP '04 -05
Adrian Delmer -- Ernest & Jean Kretschmer Music Scholarship
Thewodros Demilew -- MARC participant
Iris Deserio -- Assoc.of Calif. Water Agencies Scholarship
Kara Deyhle -- Donald A. Strauss Scholarship Award
Monica Deza -- Regents Scholar
Sonja Diaz -- CUIP '04 -05
Rigo Dicochea -- Adobe Scholarship
Diana Dority -- Surfrider/Skye Ksander Memorial Award
Sarah Dwiggins -- Regents Scholar
Bree Eagle -- Deans' & Chancellor's Awards
Thad Garrett Eaton – Deans’ Award, W.H. and S.B. Irwin
Michael David Eccleston -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '03-04
E. Darby Edelen -- Deans' Award
Andre Epstein -- Regents Scholar
Yonathan Essaw -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '05-06
Janelle Evans -- Regents Scholar
Marc Fajardo -- Deans' Award
Stephane Florquin -- Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship
Mozelle Foreman – Deans’ Award
Rebecca Fraynt -- Regents Scholar, CUIP '04 -05
Erica French-Arnold -- CUIP '04 -05
Clarissa Gamboa – Joel Frankel Memorial Scholarship
Viji Ganapathi -- Deans' Award, Amy Beth Snader Scholarship
Christina Garafola -- Regents Scholar
Cynthia Mendoza Garcia – Joel Frankel Scholarship
Melanie Gault-Ringold -- Deans' & Chancellor's
Awards, LML, STEPS
Bruce Glaseroff -- Porter Research Fellowship '05-06
Jorge Gonzalez -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '04-05
Nate Goodman -- William & Susan Benteen Irwin Scholarship
Dev Gopalkrishnan -- Deans' & Chancellor's Award
Vladimir Gorenshteyn -- Deans' Award
Sonja Graves -- Dean's Award, Regents Scholar
Katherine Green -- Regents Scholar
Alice Grunstra -- Regents Scholar
Mary Helen Guadiana -- CLRC Undergraduate Research
Thibault Guicherd-Callin -- Plantronics Scholarship
Berta Rosa Guillen -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '03-04
Stephen Gurnick -- CUIP '04 -05

Maria Gutierrez -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '05-06
Don Ha -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '05-06
Laura Hain -- Karl S. Pister LOA '04-05
Blaise Hamel -- Goldwater Scholarship,
Elmer A. Fridley Scholarship
Joshua Hammond -- MBRS participant
Jonathan H. Weaver -- Porter Research Fellowship '05-06
Casey Harbin -- CUIP '04 -05
Ryan Harms -- Regents Scholar
Crissan Harris -- Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship
Kevin Hart -- Regents Scholar
Stacy Hartman -- Deans' Award & Regents Scholar
Rebecca Hartman – W. & S. B. Irwin Scholarship
Armando Hernandez -- Deans' Award & MARC participant
Victor Hernandez -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '05-06
Eduardo Hernandez -- Adobe Scholarship, Silicon. Valley Engr. James Gregory Herrera -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '03-04
Clint Holtzen -- James Stuart Chanley Scholarship
Ryan Honeyman -- CUIP '04 -05
Stephanie Huelga -- Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship
Adnan Ibrahim -- Ernest & Jean Kretschmer Scholarship
Kevin Israel -- Surfrider/Skye Ksander Memorial Award
Ariel Jacobs -- Regents Scholar
Angelica Jimenez -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '05-06
Rebecca Johanson -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '05-06
Michele Johnson -- Regents Scholar
Marcela Johnson -- Deans' and Chancellor's award
Deborah Johnson -- Huffman Prize
Tristan Johnson -- Plantronics Scholarship
Charlotte Jones -- Regents Scholar
Tremain Pele Jones -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '03-04
Hye-Young Jung -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '04-05
Jeremy Karafin -- Deans' and Chancellor's Awards, Porter
Student of the Year
Rachel Kaufman -- Regents Scholar
Jennifer Kim -- Ernest & Jean Kretschmer Music Scholarship
Daniel Knuepple -- Deans' Award, J. Bunnett Research Prize
Andrew Kohlieber -- MARC participant
Nathan Kosta -- Porter Research Fellowship '05-06
Chad Kranak -- Deans' Award, Hortense Zuckerman Prize
Tracey Kwong -- J. Bunnett Research, Regents Scholar, Kenneth & Ann Thimann
Laura Landriau -- French and Francophone for Excellence
Troy Lau -- Deans' Award
Felix Lawi -- Plantronics Scholarship
Mark Lawler -- Regents Scholar
Trinh Thi Hong Le -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A '04-05
Derek Leben -- Deans' Award
Jacqueline Lima -- CLRC Program & Alumni Scholarship
Libby Lok -- CUIP '04 -05
Michael Lok -- CUIP '04 -05
Patricia Lopez -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '05-06
Elma Lorenzo- Blanco -- Regents Scholar
Jennifer Low -- CUIP '04 -05
Helen Lui -- Peter H. Rushton Mem. Award for Chinese
Kimberly Maas -- Deans' s Award
Ernesto Maldonado -- CLRC & FMP Programs
Noam Manor -- Regents Scholar
Pearl Marill -- Priscilla Newton Award

Jennifer Marmor -- CUIP '04 -05
Christian Martinez -- CLRC Undergraduate Research Program
Paloma Martinez -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '05-06
Bonny Masters -- Regents Scholar
Sandra Mata -- CLRC Undergraduate Research Program
Laura Mattingly -- Ina Coolbrith Memorial Poetry Prize
Alexandra Matus -- Porter Research Fellowship '05-06
Leo Maxam – Joel Frankel Memorial Scholarship
Krista Lee Maxwell -- Book Arts/Artist Award
Joshua Joseph May -- J.W.T. Youngs Mathematics Prize -6'04
Ryan Edward McConnell – S. & E. Draznin Scholarship
Ben McIntosh -- Plantronics Scholarship
Claire McMurty -- Regents Scholar
Bonnie McPike -- CUIP '04 -05
Jamie McPike -- CUIP '04 -05
Jason Meadows -- Regents Scholar
Jennifer Meissonnier -- Deans' & Chancellor's Awards
Ben Melosh -- Weber/Holt Field Scholarship
Cynthia Mendez -- MBRS participant
Amanuel Mengistu -- Deans' Award
Daniel Miffin -- Regents Scholar
Courtney Miller -- CUIP '04 -05
Anna Mitchell -- Regents Scholar
Jennifer Mo -- Regents Scholar
Mandana Mofidi -- Deans' Award
Eva Morales -- Regents Scholar
Dana Morton -- Regents Scholar
Michitsugu Mutsuzaki -- Plantronics Scholarship
Michael Nehil -- Deans' Award
Caralee Nelson -- CUIP '04 -05
Lewis Nerenberg -- Regents Scholar
Shaden Nersh -- Regents Scholar
Lily Nguyen -- Regents Scholar
Andrew Nimmer -- Richard Cooley/Friends Fdn. Int'l. Award
Naomi Nobida -- MBRS participant
Lauren Noble -- Regents Scholar
Nora Opara -- MBRS participant
Emel Orhun -- Richard Cooley/Friends Fdn. Int'l. Award
Matthew Orique -- Regents Scholar
Jennifer Orlick -- Richard Cooley / Friends Foundation Intl. Award
Zachary Orman -- Regents Scholar
Yulianna Ortega -- MBRS participant
Minerva Ortiz -- Deans' and Chancellor's Awards
Maria Ortiz -- MBRS participant
Domingo Payne -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '05-06
Eduardo Pech -- Weber/Holt Field Scholarship
Jose Perez -- CLRC Undergraduate Research Program
Lamar Petty – MARC participant
Aimee Phelan -- CUIP '04 -05
Lilly Pinedo -- CLRC Undergraduate Research Program
Linnea Powell -- Ernest & Jean Kretschmer Scholarship
Aaron Powers -- Weber/Holt Field Scholarship
Christina Query -- Ernest & Jean Kretschmer Scholarship
Kevin Quinn -- CUIP '04 -05
Mildred Quintos -- CUIP '04 -05
Jessica Ramirez -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '04-05
Julian Ramirez -- CUIP '04 -05
Eloisa Ramos -- Regents Scholar

Shan Raoufi -- Deans' Award
Samuel Raskin -- Deans' & Chancellor's Awards
Angie Redlich -- Karl S. Pister LOA '04-05
Lucy-Kate Reeve -- Regents Scholar
Nicholas Reynolds -- Deans' Award
Megan Richards -- Regents Scholar, Deans' Award
Kate Richerson -- Regents Scholar
Megan Rippy -- Regents Scholar
Amber Rivera -- MBRS participant
Anna Robbert -- Regents Scholar
Eduardo Robles -- CLRC Undergraduate Research Program
Edris Rodriguez -- CUIP '04 -05
Alicia Roge -- CUIP '04 -05
Michael Rogers -- Kenneth & Ann Thimann
honorable mention
Kevin Rothock -- Deans' Award
Grant Rummel -- UC Foundation Classical Endowment
Cara Russo -- Weber/Holt Field Scholarship
Mariam Saba -- CUIP '04 -05
Samantha Olivia Sadlowski -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '03-04
Rosaura Saldana -- Regent David S. Lee Scholarship
Takita Salisberry -- CUIP '04 -05
Gabriella Salomon – Joel Frankel Memorial Scholarship
Devon Sampson -- Deans' Award
Benjamin Samuel -- Regents Scholar
Hillary Saunders – Joel Frankel Memorial Scholarship
Victoria Schirado -- Regents Scholar
Erica Schoenberg -- CUIP '04 -05
Tobias Schultz -- Elmer A. Fridley Scholarship
Nicholas Schwab -- CUIP '04 -05
Marie Schwarz -- Regents Scholar
Maria Segarra -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '04-05
Reza Shabani -- Deans' Award
Annie Shattuck -- Terence Freitas Award-Enviromantal Stud.
Cristiana Shaw -- Earthbound Farm Environmental
Hiwote Shawargga -- MBRS participant
James Sheldon -- Deans' Award
Andrew Shriver -- Assoc. of Calif. Water Agencies Scholarship
Michael Siegel -- Honorable Mention Huffman Prize
Sage Silva -- Regents Scholar.
Hecha Singh -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '04-05
Chad Sisemore -- Regents Scholar
Stephanie Skiljan – Joel Frankel Memorial Scholarship
Emma Smith -- CLRC Undergraduate Research Program
Martin Smith -- Deans' & Chancellor's Awards
Megan Smith -- CUIP '04 -05
Diego Sotelo -- MBRS participant
Rebecca Souza -- William & Susan Benteen Irwin Scholarship
Ben Speelman -- Deans' Award
Michelle Stephenson -- CUIP '04 -05
Sean Stillinger -- E. & J. Kretschmer, Research Fellowship
Danile Strain -- Regents Scholar
Kaila Sughrue -- Regents Scholar
Erin West Sullivan -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '05-06
Sarah Takahashi -- CUIP '04 -05
Palmer Taylor -- Deans' Award

Tani Thole -- CLRC Undergraduate Research Program
Zoe Tobier -- CLRC Undergraduate Research Program
Aaron Phoenix Toews – W. & S.B. Irwin Scholarship
Vanessa Tomlin -- Holly Barnett Scholarship
Kristen Townsend -- CUIP '04 -05
Ruey-Kas Tsay -- CUIP '04 -05
Anthony Tucci -- CUIP '04 -05
Fletcher Tucker – W. & S.B. Irwin Scholarship
Kathleen Tuite -- Plantronics Scholarship, Regents Scholar
Rachel Utzinger -- Regents Scholar
Alexia Valdes -- Regents Scholar
Kristi Vanderhoof – 3rd prize statewide Poet Laureate
Tri Vo -- MBRS participant
Diana Kiyo Wakimoto -- Regents Scholar
Ian Walker -- Regents Scholar
Katherine Walsh -- CUIP '04 -05
Leah Walsh -- CUIP '04 -05
Ruby Wara-Goss -- Regents Scholar
Rachel Warren -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '04-05
Max Waxman -- Porter Research Fellowship '05-06
Jodi Waynberg -- Porter Research Fellowship '05-06
Evan Weiss -- Regents Scholar
Maya Weltman-Fahs -- Regents Scholar
Emily Wesolowski -- Regents Scholar
Amanda Wickham -- CUIP '04 -05
Emily Wilkinson -- Dean's Award
Teela Williams -- Karl S. Pister LOA '04-05
Edwina Williams -- CUIP '04 -05
Andrew Wiser -- Regents Scholar
Cody Wofsy -- Deans' / Chancellor's Awards, Regents Scholar
Aaron Wolf -- Honorable Mention, Goldwater Scholarship,
Elmer A. Fridley, Regents Scholar
Joshua Wong -- UCSC Endowment for Classical Music
Lisa M. Woodhouse -- Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '03-04
Nicholas Wortham -- Book Arts/Artist Award
John Wray -- Marilyn Stevens Memorial
Evan Wulf -- Regents Scholar
William Yeager -- Plantronics Scholarship
Josh Yoches -- William & Susan Benteen Irwin Scholarship
Janelle Yong -- Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship
Maliha Zaidi -- Regents Scholar
Adam Zeilinger -- Deans' & Chancellor's Awards
Vera Zelichenok -- Ernest & Jean Kretschmer Music Scholarship
Shirleyanne Zosa -- Deans' Award & MBRS participant

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