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May 30, 2005

Students OK some fee increase proposals, reject others

By Louise Donahue

Students voted to raise their fees $27 per quarter for Student Health Center improvements and approved some smaller fee increases in the spring campus election.

Defeated were proposals for a multiuse student event center ($175/quarter); athletic, intramural, and club teams ($24/quarter), and multiuse outdoor events/soccer venue ($45).

Results are available on the campus elections web site:; details on each ballot item are also online, at

Fee increases approved were:

Measure 13: Student Media Council Fee

Measure 14: Campus Sustainability Programs Fee Increase

Measure 15: Community and Resource Empowerment "CARE"

Measure 16: Student Voice and Empowerment Fee

Measure 17: Modification to Engaging Education Programs Fee Language (Measure 10)

Measure 18: Student Health Center Facilities Improvement Fee

Undergraduate voter turnout was 33.3 percent, and graduate turnout 19.5 percent, said Gail Heit, associate vice chancellor of Student Affairs.

One measure, the graduate Campus Sustainability Programs Fee Increase, failed to meet the minimum voting pool requirement of 25 percent, Heit said. Undergraduates passed the measure by 57.30 percent, with a voter turnout of 29.31 percent, but graduate students did not pass Measure 14, and had a voter turnout of 18.59 percent. Although 62.04 percent of the graduate students voted "yes," the vote failed because voter turnout was below 25 percent.

The Student Health Center Facilities Improvement Fee of $27/quarter will go into effect for graduates and undergraduates upon completion of the renovations, estimated to be fall 2009, Heit said.

If the fee increases are approved by the UC President Robert C. Dynes, fall 2005 undergraduate fees will increase by $14.95/quarter.

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