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May 16, 2005

Academic Senate faces 'full agenda' at May 20 meeting

UCSC's Academic Senate will hold its spring meeting at 2:30 p.m. on Friday, May 20, in the College Nine/College Ten Multipurpose Room. Alison Galloway, Academic Senate Chair, has addressed the following letter to members of the Senate outlining issues on the agenda.

Dear Colleagues,

After an eventful spring, we are facing our final Senate meeting of the year with a full agenda.

The meeting will be held in the Colleges Nine and Ten Multipurpose Room at the University Center and begins at 2:30 pm. As usual, for the end of the year, the meeting will also be followed by a reception, this time at University House.

In addition to the votes on the slate of committee members and officers for next year and the Faculty Research Lecturer, we have additional bylaw amendments and resolutions that will require action. We will also be hearing from Chancellor Denton, Interim CPEVC Kliger, and the Student Union Assembly and Graduate Student Assembly representatives.

Among the issues coming to the floor are changes in the undergraduate student grievance procedures. These changes necessitate a change in Santa Cruz bylaw 13.17.8. The Committee on the Education Abroad Program is presenting a mission statement for the Catalog and requesting Senate approval. The Committee on the Library is presenting a resolution on scholarly publishing. Finally, the Senate Executive Committee is presenting a resolution linking the need for affordable faculty housing to the plans for campus growth.

Several committees have reports on issues of concern to the campus.

The Committee on Educational Policy has spent much of the year reviewing the quantitative courses within the general education requirement. Their interim report is presented for the meeting and their work will continue through the coming year.

The Committee on Faculty Welfare presents a follow-up to their winter meeting oral report with new information and issues on Ranchview Terrace and future building possibilities.

The Committee on Planning and Budget reports on outstanding issues arising from the Long Range Development Plan, including faculty housing, parking and transportation, and academic space. CPB recommends that 1) the Environmental Impact Report must show means of achieving a workable solution to these issues before the campus growth passes the present limit and 2) annual growth must be limited by the corresponding accumulation of the support in housing, space and infrastructure.

Finally, as Senate Chair, I am forming a task force to investigate the events leading to the confrontation at Tent University, Santa Cruz on April 18, 2005. This group is designed to provide an impartial look at the decision-making processes on many sides and provide recommendations on how we can work to improve the emergency response approach to this type of event. A short period for discussion will be available on this topic.

If you have corrections for the minutes, please send them via email to the Senate Office before the meeting.


Alison Galloway, Chair
Academic Senate
Santa Cruz Division

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