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Biologist Steven Berkeley was featured in stories about fish populations and fisheries management that appeared in the Washington Post, San Jose Mercury News, Monterey County Herald, Guardian (London), Irish Independent, and the Greenwire and Press Association wire service reports.

United Press International and Canada's Leader-Post were among the media outlets that covered research by psychologist Mara Mather, who found that older people make decisions differently from younger people.

History of art and visual culture professor Carolyn Dean was featured in a Santa Cruz Sentinel piece about an exhibit of pre-Columbian art at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History.

Various media outlets ran stories about research by physicist David Smith on powerful gamma-ray flashes in Earth's upper atmosphere, including New Scientist magazine, the Washington Times, UPI wire service, and a dozen science news web sites, such as Science Daily, Space Ref, and Space Daily. Smith was also interviewed on KSCO Radio.

Psychology's Dominic Massaro was quoted in Newsweek's international edition in a story about how robots can help autistic children understand and cope with the world around them. Massaro's animated computer characters have been used for three years at a school for autistic children in Santa Cruz.

Economist Rob Fairlie was quoted in the Record of New Jersey about the declining rate of immigrant self-employment.

The Economist magazine ran a story about a discovery made by, a network of amateur astronomers established by Greg Laughlin, assistant professor of astronomy and astrophysics.

Geophysicist Steven Ward continues to be quoted in tsunami stories, most recently in the Miami Herald and St. John's Telegram (Canada).

The Statesman India announced that more than 15 original prints of Satyajit Ray films, which have been restored by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences through the initiation of the UCSC Satyajit Ray Film and Study Collection, would be showcased at a summer festival in Calcutta, India.

Agroecology researcher Phil Howard has been interviewed about food issues by KSCO Radio, the Santa Cruz Sentinel, and the Register-Pajaronian.

Research on Parkinson's disease by Anthony Fink, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, was covered in several medical newsletters, including Drug Week, Health Business Week, Biotech Week, and Life Science Weekly.

The Monterey County Herald consulted with Chadwick Garden manager Orin Martin for tips on controlling rust on roses.

Econ professor David Kaun penned a letter to the editors of the Santa Cruz Sentinel, refuting the Bush administration's claims that the Social Security system is going broke.

College and Research Libraries News announced the $1.4 million gift from UCSC Foundation trustee Kit Mura-smith to enhance the University Library and provide scholarships for re-entry students.

The Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal quoted professor of music David Evan Jones in an article about a dinner he attended in San Jose, along with Chancellor Denton, that was hosted by the Korean consul general.

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