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The following individuals retired during the period of September 2004 through January 2005. Retirees are listed with their position prior to retirement and their years of service (rounded to the nearest year). Thanks to all for their many years of service to the university.

Joyce Brodsky, professor of art, 12 years
Rosejoanne Cirincione, health science career adviser, Division of Physical and Biological Sciences, 24 years
William Jackson Davis, professor of biology, 34 years
Charles DeMayo, senior custodian, Physical Plant, 17 years
Linda Durant, dental hygienist, Student Health Center, 11 years
Ronald Grieson, professor of economics, 24 years
Glen Hair, automotive technician, TAPS/Fleet Services, 39 years
Ernest Hudson, coordinator of research and analysis, Student Affairs, 24 years
Debra Hyder, programmer analyst, Division of Social Sciences, 23 years
Kristine Kessler, staff research associate, Chemistry and Biochemistry Department, 22 years
Richard King
, senior auto equipment operator, TAPS, 5 years
Karen Leigh-Wood, administrative analyst, Physical Planning and Construction, 18 years
Bruce McEntire, principal reprographics technician, IPMTS Services, 20 years
Paul Messina, mechanic, Physical Plant, 6 years
Richard Nagle, operations manager, CATS, 23 years
Sharon Omori, training and development coordinator, University Extension, 16 years
Frances Owens, director of capital planning and space management,, Chancellor's Business Office, 35 years
Linda Petrakis, senior analyst, Academic Human Resources, 23 years
Ralph Rivera, building maintenance supervisor, College and University Housing Services, 31 years
Elaine Roos, associate professor of theater arts, 29 years
Gregory Scott, computing resource manager, CATS (retired in August), 17 years
Douglas Stephan, senior storekeeper, Bay Tree Bookstore, 14 years
Marcia Taylor, lecturer in theater arts, 9 years
Rita Thompson, production supervisor, IPMTS Services, 21 years
Victoria (Annie) Towne, assistant, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department, 18 years
Diane Wells-Nowell, administrative coordinator, Counseling and Psychological Services, 21 years
Eleanor Kay Wilder, principal analyst, Institutional Research, Planning and Budget, 18 years
Robert Wilt, senior construction inspector, Physical Plant, 20 years
Bruce Wittenberg, stores worker, Division of Physical and Biological Sciences, 26 years

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