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Awards and Honors

Friends of Long Marine Lab Student Research Awards support 19 projects

By Tim Stephens

Kelp forests, dolphins, coral reef fish, and a broad range of other subjects in the marine sciences are under investigation in 19 student research projects supported this year by the Friends of Long Marine Lab Student Research Awards. The awards will provide a total of $11,200 in research funding for the student projects, which were selected by a proposal review committee.

The award recipients were recognized last week at a special ceremony and reception held at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center. In addition, the Friends of Long Marine Lab will honor the top two student research award recipients--Olivia Cheriton and Itchung Cheung, both graduate students in ocean sciences--with a special award to be presented at the annual Global Oceans Gourmet Dinner, a f20 undraising event for the Friends of LML that will take place March at the Bittersweet Bistroin Aptos. (For ticket information, call (831) 459-3694.)

The Friends of LML provides funding for public education, marine mammal programs, and student research, as well as the development and operation of the Seymour Center. The Student Research Awards come from the interest generated by six different endowments: The Jane McHenry Student Awards Fund, the Lillian McPherson Rouse Student Award Fund, the William Baye Heald Scholarship Fund, the Friends of LML Student Support Fund, the Mark T. MacMillan Memorial Prize Fund, and the Ken Norris Marine Mammal Research Award.

The winning student researchers and their projects are as follows:

Yvette R. Alva
"Reconstructing the Biogeography of Coral Reef Fish in the Tropical Eastern Pacific"

Carla D. Chenault
"History of Long-Term Beach Width Change, Oceanside Littoral Cell, California "

Olivia M. Cheriton
"Relaxation from Upwelling and Thin Layer Dynamics in Monterey Bay, CA"

Itchung Cheung
"Possible Marine Toxin Contamination in Dungeness and Rock Crabs in Monterey Bay and the Effect on Community Consumer Exposure"

Tish L. Conway-Cranos
"Geographical Variation in Recovery of Rocky Intertidal Communities After a Disturbance"

Spencer Fire
"HAB Impacts on Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)"

Melissa M. Foley
"Effects of Terrestrial Inputs on Macrocystis Forests Along the Central Coast of California"

Melanie Gault-Ringold
"Evasion of Dimethylmercury from Upwelling Water in Monterey Bay as a Potential Source of Monomethylmercury to the Atmosphere"

Mary Goldman
"Timing of Gamete Release by an Alga, Silvetia compressa"

Chad Hanson
"Steelhead Life History Strategies: the Influence of Growth Rate and Freshwater Habitat on Smolting"

Jason Hassrick
"Energetics and Foraging and Locomotion in the Northern Elephant Seal Mirounga angustirostris"

R. William Henry
"Tracking the Laysan Albatross and Regional Differences in Marine Toxins"

Marla Holt
"A Playback Approach to Investigate the Behavioral Significance of Call Directionality in Male Northern Elephant Seals (Mirounga angustirostris)"

Carey Elizabeth Kuhn
"Measuring Feeding Rates of the California Sea Lion (Zalophus californianus): Effects of Stomach Filling on Consumption Estimates"

Mary Eileen Slattery Langsner
"Protective Mechanisms in Larval Teleost Fishes: Examining the Role of Xenobiotic Transport in Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity "

Sheri Ledbetter
"Domoic Acid Levels in Blood Samples of Randomly Tagged California Sea Lions"

Heather E. Mostman
"Thermal Limitations of Fur Seals and Sea Lions on the California Coast"

Jason L. Muslow
"Temporary Threshold Shift Recovery in Three Species of Pinniped"

Marina L. Ramon
"Inter- and Intraspecific Relationships of Intertidal Sculpins"

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