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The research of Barbara Rogoff of psychology was central to a recent New York Times article about how we learn. Rogoff has spent years studying how Indian children in Guatemalan villages master complex skills like weaving and making tortillas, shedding light on the interactions between adults and children and on the role of culture in development.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a story about research by Roberto Manduchi, assistant professor of computer engineering, who is developing assistive technology devices for blind people.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer cited economist Lori Kletzer's work in a lengthy analysis of whether outsourcing is good or bad for the United States.

Daniel Costa, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, was quoted in a Santa Cruz Sentinel article about a new graduate fellowship for marine mammal research at UCSC.

David Haussler, professor of biomolecular engineering, was quoted in another story about genome research on National Public Radio's Weekend Edition.

Chip Lord, chair of the Film and Digital Media Department, was quoted in the Houston Chronicle in a story about the architectural collective the Ant Farm.

Hartmut Sadrozinski, adjunct professor of physics, was quoted in an article in Laser Focus World about the silicon detectors used in high-energy particle physics experiments and their potential commercial applications.

Research on nerve regeneration by biologists Yishi Jin, Andrew Chisholm, and others was reported in Science Daily and numerous weekly newsletters, including Biotech Week, Life Science Weekly, Science Letter, and Health & Medicine Week.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran an article about the completion of a series on the agricultural history of Santa Cruz by the University Library's Regional History Project.

An article about physicist Zack Schlesinger's research on an unusual material that shrinks when heated ran on the LiveScience web site.

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