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Research geophysicist Steven Ward, an expert on tsunamis, fielded numerous media calls in the aftermath of the disaster in South Asia. He appeared on local and national TV news programs, including Dateline NBC, and was quoted in the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, New York Daily News, Seattle Times, Miami Herald, Palm Beach Post, Whittier Daily News, Newsweek magazine, other newspapers, and various online news sites. Ward's tsunami research was also referenced on the TV shows Extra and Inside Edition and in articles in the Baltimore Sun, Newsday, Los Angeles Times, Contra Costa Times, Santa Cruz Sentinel, and many other newspapers. He has also scheduled an interview with the Discovery Channel for two upcoming programs on tsunamis.

Gary Griggs, professor of Earth sciences, also fielded media calls about tsunami risks on the West Coast and was quoted in the Santa Cruz Sentinel and Metro Santa Cruz.

A sharp increase in the number of entrepreneurs in the United States, calculated by economist Rob Fairlie, received a lot of attention from the press, including coverage in the Sacramento Bee, Arizona Republic, Small Business News, Newark Star-Ledger, St. Louis Dispatch, Chicago Tribune, Santa Cruz Sentinel, and Las Vegas Sun.

Assistant arts dean Keith Muscutt was quoted in the Seattle Times about the downside of adventurer Gene Savoy, the world's foremost chronicler of a forgotten Peruvian civilization known as the Chachapoya.

Andrew Fisher, professor of Earth sciences, was featured in a story in the Toronto Star about his research on the vast amounts of water circulating through the seafloor and the microbial communities that live in this hidden world.

Manuel Pastor of Latin American and Latino studies was quoted in a San Jose Mercury News story about a new study that found that most Latinos live in neighborhoods where they are not the majority, although the percentage of Latinos who do live in Latino-dominated neighborhoods increased from 39 percent to 43 percent from 1990 to 2000.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel quoted literature professor Susan Gillman about the qualifications of UCSC's new chancellor Denice Denton.

Research on nerve regeneration by biologists Yishi Jin, Andrew Chisholm, and others was reported in Medical News Today and Photonics Spectra magazine.

Anthropologist Triloki Pandey was quoted in a San Jose Mercury News story about Hindus who exchange Christmas gifts and have integrated other aspects of the holiday into their winter traditions.

An article in the Seattle Times about the recent oil spill in Alaska quoted biologist Jim Estes in reference to the chances for survival of oiled sea otters.

Economist Lori Kletzer's work on manufacturing job losses was cited in a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article about outsourcing that ran on the Scripps Howard News Service and was published by several newspapers.

David Haussler, professor of biomolecular engineering, was featured on the NPR programs Weekend Edition and All Things Considered in stories about his efforts to reconstruct the genome of the common ancestor of most mammals.

For a major story about technology in agriculture pegged to the introduction of a mechanical orange picker, the Los Angeles Times contacted sociology professor emeritus Bill Friedland, who discussed the social changes brought about by inventions like the mechanical tomato harvester.

The Khaleej Times, an English-language daily newspaper published from Dubai, United Arab Emirates, quoted theater arts professor Kathy Foley in an article about preserving Thailand's traditional art of puppetry.

The Monterey County Herald profiled Professor Emeritus Theodore Sarbin of psychology and criminology, focusing on the months Sarbin spent riding the rails during the Depression, an experience he said shaped his life and work.

History of consciousness professor Barbara Epstein was quoted in a Berkeley Daily Planet article about a UC Berkeley professor ousted for his challenges to an increasingly corporate academic culture.

The New York Sun tapped anthropologist Hugh Raffles for an article about a flatbed truck accident in Las Vegas that spilled 480 bee colonies on a roadway.

Psychology's Craig Haney was interviewed by a Brazilian journalist about U.S. support for capital punishment.

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