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The Santa Cruz Sentinel published a lengthy story about the growing popularity of Bob Shepherd's accounting classes at UCSC, and the big firms that recruit his students.

Research by professor of chemistry and biochemistry Anthony Fink on the antibiotic rifampicin as a potential treatment for Parkinson's disease was also covered in a variety of weekly newsletters, including Aging & Elder Health Week, Biotech Week, Drug Week, Medicine & Law Week, Life Science Weekly, Science Letter, Health & Medicine Week, Pain & Central Nervous System Week, and Proteomics Weekly.

History professor Dana Frank appeared on NPR's Marketplace to discuss the issue of “buying American” during the Christmas shopping season.

Research geophysicist Steven Ward has been contacted by numerous media outlets, including the Washington Post, New York Daily News, Newsweek magazine, and local KION TV, regarding the computer simulation he created of the tsunami that has devastated South Asia.

Psychology's Craig Haney was quoted in an Associated Press story about jury selection in the Robert Blake murder case, saying research shows that many jurors participate in trials without understanding, or embracing, the presumption of innocence.

Research by professor of biomolecular engineering David Haussler and others on the use of computers to reconstruct the genome of a common ancestor of mammals was covered in a variety of weekly newsletters, including Genomics & Genetics Weekly, Biotech Week, Life Science Weekly, Science Letter, Health & Medicine Week, and Lab Law Weekly.

Manuel Pastor of Latin American and Latino studies was quoted in a San Jose Mercury News story about the impact of Asian immigrants on the Bay Area. Pastor's work in environmental justice also prompted a call from AlterNet for a story about a report that found that Latinos bear the brunt of environmental health threats in the United States.

Bangkok's Agence France Presse quoted theater arts professor Kathy Foley in an article about preserving Thailand's traditional art of puppetry.

A recent Santa Cruz Sentinel story about organic farming tapped the expertise of Julie Guthman of community studies.

Researcher Phil Howard of the Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems was quoted in a Tampa Tribune article about retail turf wars in the natural foods market.

Community studies major Katie Lahey was the focus of a San Francisco Chronicle story about Americans who are in Venezuela to support President Hugo Chavez.

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