October 2003 

To: Members of the University of California Community
Fr: UC's Office of the President
Re:Information for UC Faculty and Staff about 2003-04 Salary Programs

Despite our many conversations with state officials during this yearís budget process about our critical need for market competitive salaries, the final 2003-04 state budget contained no funding for UC salary increases.

2003-04 Salaries for UC Faculty

Because faculty and certain other academic personnel undergo merit and promotion reviews only every three years, a serious inequity would occur for those individuals scheduled for review this year if their merit increases were not paid. In fact, the lack of payment of faculty merit increases was the subject of litigation that the University lost in the early 1990s. For these reasons, the one-third of eligible UC faculty and other academics scheduled for merit reviews who are evaluated as meritorious will receive 2003-04 merit increases. These increases will be distributed consistent with individual campus compensation programs, subject to collective bargaining requirements where applicable.

2003-04 Salaries for UC Staff*

The University recognizes that, like faculty salaries, staff salaries also lag the market in some areas and that the lack of cost-of-living increases poses a challenge for families facing many other economic pressures. Despite no state money for 2003-04 staff salary increases, merit increases, or range adjustments, the University searched for other options to help staff members financially. As we did last year, UC was able to absorb for employees the majority of the costs of health care insurance for 2004, with a special emphasis on assistance for lower-paid staff. For more information on this, go to http://atyourservice.ucop.edu/employees/policies/labor_relations/news_events/plan_info.html

UC to continue to press State for adequate salary funding

Maintaining competitive salaries remains a top priority for the University, and even though the stateís budget difficulties will likely continue through at least next year, we will continue to impress upon state leaders the necessity for adequate state salary funding in order to maintain institutional quality.

*Salary actions for exclusively represented employees are subject to the terms of existing collective bargaining agreements.