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September 22, 2003

Wireless access points going up around campus

By Louise Donahue

Forget tripping over cords or fumbling with wires when you use your laptop around campus: UCSC is going wireless.

"Everyone likes it. We haven't had any complaints."

--Frank Koch, project/deployment manager and network tech supervisor at Communications and Technology Services.

Following trial runs at Baskin Engineering and the Academic Resources Center, wireless access points are scheduled to be in service by Friday at the Science Library, McHenry Library, Quarry Plaza, and the Information Technology Resource Center in the Communications building.

Areas with wireless access will be marked with signs. The new service, called CruzNet, is expected to include 160 locations by December. Forty more are scheduled for completion by June 2004.

Those wanting to know of new sites may e-mail a request for announcements of each area activation.

Campus radio station KZSC and campus newspapers will also include announcements of new areas that have been activated.

“Everyone likes it,” said Frank Koch, project/deployment manager and network tech supervisor at Communications and Technology Services (CATS). “We haven’t had any complaints.” Other members of the CruzNet deployment team include Linda Rosewood-Hooper, network analyst; Vic Rempillo, network technician, and Mary Harrington, documentation specialist.

The project, launched by the new Information Technology Services unit, is designed primarily for students—library access is a priority—but other members of the campus community will also be able to use it. “We’re looking forward to seeing what students will do with Cruznet,” said Tad Reynales, product manager and director of network and telecom services at CATS. "It's being deployed in almost every college campus in the country at this point."

Users need a laptop computer with a wireless network interface card adapter that supports the IEEE 802.11b standard. Wireless cards are available at Bay Tree bookstore, in local stores, and online.

An extensive list of frequently asked questions is available online.

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