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June 14, 2004

Student accomplishments celebrated at annual ceremony

Students were recognized for a range of accomplishments at the Student Achievement Week Awards Ceremony June 4 at the Colleges Nine and Ten Multipurpose Room.

Acting Chancellor Martin M. Chemers welcomed the gathering, and Lynda Goff, vice provost and dean of undergraduate education, served as emcee. Tenai Eguen and Million Negassi were the event’s student speakers.

Among the awards were the:

Steck Award: Loren Steck presented Max Krochmal with the Steck Award, honoring the finest senior thesis completed during the academic year. Krochmal’s project was “Sculpting Transnational Unionism: Building a Democratic Labor Movement in Ecuador's Banana Fields.” The Steck Award winner is chosen from the Chancellor’s Award candidates. Steck Committee members are Mary Doyle, David Graves, John Martin, Gary Novack, and Loren Steck.

Goldwater Scholarship: Tracey Kwong received the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship. The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship & Excellence in Education Program was established by Congress in 1986. Its purpose is to provide a continuing source of qualified scientists, mathematicians, and engineers by awarding scholarships to college students who intend to pursue careers in those fields.

Srauss Scholarship: The winner of the Donald A. Strauss Scholarship was Timothy Galarneau. The Strauss Foundation awards scholarships to students from selected four-year California colleges and universities who have demonstrated an interest in public service, have outstanding leadership potential, and are in the upper one-third of their class.

Thimann Scholarship: Receiving the Kenneth and Ann Thimann Scholarship was Thea Wilson. The Kenneth and Ann Thimann Scholarship is awarded to a graduating UCSC senior who has been accepted to graduate school and shows the most promise as a future scientist in biology, chemistry, Earth sciences, or physics.


Deans' and Chancellor’s Awards recognize outstanding achievements by undergraduate students. Ten Deans’ Awards are awarded to students within each division (Arts, Engineering, Humanities, Physical & Biological Sciences, Social Sciences). Of those students, up to three in each division can be selected to receive a Chancellor’s Award.

Winners of these awards (Chancellor’s Award winners are listed in italics), with their faculty mentors in parentheses after the names of the winning projects, are:

Division of the Arts
Veronica Callejas. Body Politics: The Use of Body & Image in the Creation & Destruction of the Martyr. (Donna Hunter)
Ryan Wei-Ming Chen. Constructing Site 01. (Sharon Daniel)
Matt Christenson. Apparitional Assimilations. (Melissa Gwyn)
Jessica Dunn. Adaptations (for a Post-Nuclear Society). (Elizabeth Stephens)
Daniel Kent. Shakespeare to Go: Hamlet. (Danny Scheie)
Ashley Knight. Senior Recital in Voice. (Patrice Maginnis)
Blake Morris. Directive work: The Marriage by Witold Gombrowicz. (Kimberly Jannarone)
Alexandria Schneiter-Todd. Structural Adjustments in "African Cinema." (David Crane)
Rebecca Stuhlbarg. Senior Recital in Voice. (Patrice Maginnis)
Laurel Waycott. Interplay of Text and Image in Accidental Heterodoxy. (Catherine Soussloff)

Jack Baskin School of Engineering
Peter Bergstrom. Sapphire: A Demonstration of Composite Hypertext Document Structures. (Jim Whitehead)
Melissa Chan. Sapphire: A Demonstration of Composite Hypertext Document Structures. (Jim Whitehead)
Bing Chuang. Securio Technical Specification. (Cyrus Bazeghi)
Senait Gebredingle. Far-Field Measurement of Optical Waveguides. (Holger Schmidt)
Brandi Martin. Cisco Systems: Networking the Internet Revolution. (Jack Callon)
Philip Measor. Optical Intersubband Transitions in Semiconductors. (Holger Schmidt)
Eugene Meydbray. Feasibility Study of Thermoelectric Power Generation for Stand-Alone Outdoor Applications. (Ali Shakouri)
Million Negassi. Laser-Based Optical System For Real Time MBE Growth Monitoring. (Ali Shakouri)
Vladislav Petkov. Securio Technical Specification. (Cyrus Bazeghi)
Angela Schmid. FPGA Implementation of Gomoku. (Martine Schlag)

Division of the Humanities
Bree Del Sordo. Genesis and Job: An Investigation of Suffering and Healing. (Robert Meister)
Breana George. Border Crossings: The Production of Gender and Capital on the U.S. – Mexico Border. (Bettina Aptheker)
Alexa Goldstrom. A Chachapoya History. (Judith Aissen)
Cassandra Pereira. Never Look Back – A Discussion of the Orpheus Myth, Poetry and Immortality. (Mary-Kay Gamel)
Benjamin Michael Pietrenka. Enlightenment, Philosophy and the Constitutional Debates: America’s Scheme of Republicanism. (Marilyn Westerkamp)
Rafael Schiller-Laden. Revolution on Trial: A Critique of Post-Mao Gender Discourse. (Gail Hershatter)
Eric Terao. The Japanese Utterance – Final Glottal Stop. (Junko Ito)
Daniel Patrick Turner. Klein and Melville: Psychic Aggressions. (David Hoy)

Division of Physical & Biological Sciences
Janelle Crane. Nucleotide Effects On a-Synuclein Fibrillation. (Anthony Fink)
Adrian Deveny. Ceanothus Seedbank Dynamics Modified by Deer and Rodents. (Laurel Fox)
Andrew Kleinke. Synthetic Studies Related to Progress Toward the Total Synthesis of N_methylwelwitindolinone C isothiocynate. (Joseph Konopelski)
Jamie Mannion. Modeling Documented Explosions As a Basis for Mars Impacts. (Erik Asphaug)
Thao Nguyen. Enantioselective Reduction of Aryl and Alkyl Ketones with TarB-X and NaBh4 . (Bakthan Singaram)

Rikke Kvist Preisler. Settlement and Recruitment Pattern of Three Species of Intertidal Sculpins, C. globiceps, C. recalvus and O. snyderi, on the Coast of Central California. (Mark Carr)
Marquita Richardson. Numerical Simulations of Differential Equations on Curved Surfaces. (Debra Lewis)
Stephanie Lynn Turner. Analysis of Unexpected Differences in Relative Solubility of D- and L-Tyrosine. (David Deamer)
Diana Kiyo Wakimoto. Avian Abundance and Diversity in Oak versus Eucalyptus Groves. (Kerstin Wasson)

Division of Social Sciences
Julie Anne Chao. Environmental Protection with Chinese Characteristics. (Weixin Cheng)
Ariella Daley. Humans in the Landscape of Elkhorn Slough. (Anna Tsing)
Barnaby Dixson. Applied Anthropology: Conservation in Bakossiland. (Carolyn Martin-Shaw)
Joseph Freeman. Clinical Health Outcomes and the Uninsured Adult: A Critique of How We Know, What We Know and What We Don't Know. (Carlos Dobkin)
Peter Jensen. Vision's Tale: Curse of the Machine, Cycles of Social Haunting, Birth of a Vision Performance with Paper. (John Borrego, Bettina Aptheker, Stephen Gliessman)
Sarah Johnson. Humans in the Landscape of Elkhorn Slough. (Anna Tsing)
Zachary Keenan. Santa Cruz Harbor Dredging Operations Study. (Daniel Press)
Max Krochmal. Sculpting Transnational Unionism: Building a Democratic Labor Movement in Ecuador's Banana Fields. (Paul Ortiz)
Evan Kuluk. Young Adults' Access to Health Care: Identifying Need and Advocating for Improvement. (Nancy Stoller)
Starry Sprenkle. Suitability of Native Tree Species for Reforestation in Southern Costa Rica. (Karen Holl)
Michelle-Marie Miyeko Taketa. College Students with Suspected or Late-diagnosed Attention Deficit Disorder and/or Learning Disabilities. (Avril Thorne)


Following is a listing of awards and scholarships won by the UCSC students whose names appear below:

Alumni Associations of the University of California (AAUC) Research Award
Holly Day Barnett Scholarship
Joseph Bunnett Research Prize
CASFS Research Grant
Chair's Award for Best Essay in Asian World History
Chancellor's Award
Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship Program (CUIP)
James Stuart Chanley Scholarship
CODEP (Center for the Origin, Development, & Evolution of Planets) Award
Concur Environmental Award
Richard Cooley Award
Grosvenor Cooper Music Scholarship
Deans' Award
Doug Drexler Chemistry Scholarship
Eltinge Scholarship Chair
C. Fiore Chemistry Prize
Terence Freitas Memorial Scholarship
Friends Foundation International Award
Elmer A. Fridley Scholarship
Geoscientists’ Outstanding Woman Student
Gilbert Art Award
Barry Goldwater Scholarship
Household Credit Service Award
Humanities Undergraduate Research Award (HUGRA)
S.B. and W.H. Irwin Scholarship
Kretschmer Music Scholarship
Blanche McKenzie Scholarship
Melkonian Prize for Undergraduate Research
Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) Program
Minority Biomedical Research Support Program (MBRS)
Priscilla Newton Scholarship
Nancy Pascal Field Study Scholarship
Karl S. Pister Leadership Opportunity Award (L.O.A.)
Plantronics Scholarship
Porter College Student of the Year
Porter Outstanding Resident
Regents Scholar
Ellen Renard Endowed Memorial Scholarship
SCCIE Undergraduate Research Award
Skolnick Music Scholarship
Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship
Donald Strauss Fellowship
Marilyn Stevens Memorial Scholarship
E.M. & R.M. Tanner Award
Kenneth & Ann Thimann Scholarship
UCSC Endowment for Classical Music Scholarship
UCSC Music Department String Competition
Weber Holt Grant
Hortense Zuckerman Music Award

Recipients are:

Muhammad Farhan Abbasi, Regents Scholar, Karl S. Pister L.O.A.
Frances Adachi, Regents Scholar
Cole Akers, HUGRA & CUIP '03- 04
David Albala, Doug Drexler Chemistry Scholarship
Isaac Anderson. Hortense Zuckerman Prize, Ernest & Jean Kretschmer Music Scholarship
Alexandria Appah, MBRS
Kanani Arakaki, CUIP
William Arighi, HUGRA
Evynn Testa Avila, HUGRA
Belem Avila, MARC
Nicholas Babin, SCCIE S'04

Aura Barr, Ernest & Jean Kretschmer Music Scholarship
Robyn Barron, MBRS
John Bavier, Marilyn Stevens Memorial Scholarship
Anne-Marie Becker, Regents Scholar
Peter Bergstrom, Deans' Award
Charlie Bernatowicz, Regents Scholar
Stacey Marie Bixby, Karl S. Pister L.O.A.
Tagan Blake, Regents Scholar
Alan Blank, Ernest & Jean Kretschmer Music Scholarship
Alex Bogdanov, Ernest & Jean Kretschmer Music Scholarship
Evelyn Bojorquez, Nancy Pascal Scholarship Award
Rebecca Bolthouse, Nancy Pascal Scholarship Award
Julio Borrero, Regents Scholar
Kyla Brand, UCSC Classical Music Scholarship
Erin Bristow, CUIP

Eric Broberg, Regents Scholar
Teresa Brown, MBRS
Autumn-Pearl Buniger, Regents Scholar
Carlos A. Cabrera, Karl S. Pister L.O.A.
Veronica Callejas, Deans' Award
Jacqueline Campos, MBRS
Lizette Cannarella, Blanche McKenzie Scholarship
Lenka Caraco, Richard Cooley Friends Foundation International Award
Isela Caro, MBRS
Diana Carreno, Karl S. Pister L.O.A.
Marisol Castañeda, CUIP '03 - 04

Melissa Chan, Deans' Award
Julie Anne Chao, Deans' & Chancellor's Awards
Ryan Wei-Ming Chen, Deans' & Chancellor's Award
Lakeya Cherry, CUIP
Jennifer Cheung, CUIP '03-04
Stephanie Chiu, Regents Scholar
Rocky Choi, Eileen and Michael Tanner Essay Contest
Matt Christenson, Deans' Award & Irwin Scholarship
Bing Chuang, Deans' Award
Marie Cole, Regents Scholar
David Combs, Elmer Fridley, C. Fiore Chemistry Prize, Ellen Renard Memorial Scholarship, Regents Scholar

Jeremy Copperman, Regents Scholar
Jonathan Cornell, Regents Scholar
Angelica Magdalena Correa, Karl S. Pister L.O.A.
Janelle Crane, Deans' Award
Shannon Croom, CUIP '03 -'04
Gael Cunningham, SCCIE w'04
Jennifer Curl, Regents Scholar
Ariella Daley, Deans' Award
Thi Dang, MBRS
Stephanie David, CUIP '03-04
Taylor Davis, Weber/Holt
Kelly Del la Torre, MARC
Bree Del Sordo, Deans' Award

Adrian Deveny, Deans' Award
Monica Deza, Regents Scholar
Barnaby Dixson, Deans' Award
Nick Dolittle, Weber/Holt
Mareshia Donald, MARC
Fred Dreier, HUGRA
Jessica Dunn, Deans' & Chancellor's Awards, Irwin Scholarship
Sarah Dwiggins, Regents Scholar
Whitney Dwyer, CUIP '03-04
Michael David Eccleston, Karl S. Pister L.O.A.
Tenai E. Eguen, AAUC Research Award & MARC
Jalal Elhayek, James Stuart Chanley Memorial Scholarship

Vanessa Enriquez-Rios, MARC
Andre Epstein, Regents Scholar
Janelle Evans, Regents Scholar
Marc Fajardo, Nancy Pascal Scholarship Award
Ed Farinsky, Weber/Holt
Maya Flores, MBRS
Emma Franzeim, CUIP '03-04
Rebecca Fraynt, Regents Scholar
Joseph Freeman, Deans' Award
Praveena Gadiraju, CUIP '03-04
Timothy Galarneau, Donald A. Strauss Public Service Award
Oscar Gantes, MBRS
Peter Garaffo, Weber/Holt
Christina Garafola, Regents Scholar
Violeta Garcia, CUIP '03-04

Deanna Garcia, MBRS
Senait Gebredingle, Deans' & Chancellor's Awards
Breana George, Deans' Award
Alexa Goldstrom, Deans' & Chancellor's Award, HUGRA Award
Rene Gomez, MBRS
Jorge Gonzalez, Karl S. Pister LOA '04-05
Andres Gonzalez, MBRS
Sonja Graves, Regents Scholar
Katherine Green, Regents Scholar
Alice Grunstra, Regents Scholar
Berta Rosa Guillen, Karl S. Pister L.O.A.
Anne Gutierrez, CUIP '03-04
Robert Guzman, CUIP '03-04
Andrew Hahn, Irwin Scholarship
Laura Hain, Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '04-05
Blaise Hamel, Ernest & Jean Kretschmer & David E. Kaun Music Scholarships, String Competition

Shea Hamilton, Plantronics Scholarship & SCCIE Award
Ryan Harms, Regents Scholar
Liana Harp, Concur Award
Kevin Hart, Regents Scholar
Stacy Hartman, Regents Scholar
Naomi Hartman, Ernest & Jean Kretschmer Music Scholarship and String Competition
Sara Hatfield, UCSC Classical Music Scholarship
Andrew Heling, Doug Drexler Chemistry Scholarship
Jeff Henise, Joseph F. Bunnett Research Prize
Jennifer Hernandez, CUIP '03-04
Armando Hernandez, MARC
James Gregory Herrera, Karl S. Pister L.O.A.
Vay Hoang, CUIP '03-04
Lia Holden, Outstanding Woman Student Geoscientist & Weber/Holt Award
Tamara Hom CUIP '03-04
Ryan Huo, Ernest & Jean Kretschmer Music Scholarship

Rex Huston, CUIP '03-04
Lea Ivanovic, UCSC Classical Music Scholarship
Ariel Jacobs, Regents Scholar
Peter Jensen, Deans' & Chancellor's Awards
Michele Johnson, Regents Scholar
Sarah Johnson, Deans' Award
Charlotte Jones, Regents Scholar
Tremain Pele Jones, Karl S. Pister L.O.A.
Hye-Young Jung, Karl S. Pister LOA
Andrea Kaplan, Irwin Scholarship
Rachel Kaufman, Regents Scholar
Zachary Keenan, Deans' Award

Daniel Kent, Deans' & Chancellor's Awards
Kristen King, UCSC Classical Music Scholarship
Mary Kitaji, Irwin Scholarship
Andrew Kleinke, Deans' & Chancellor's Awards, Joseph Bunnett Research Prize
Ashley Knight, Deans' Award , Classical Music Scholarship
Daniel Knueppel, Doug Drexler Chemistry Scholarship
Aaron Koblin, Irwin Scholarship
Chad Kranak, Porter College Music Scholarship
Max Krochmal, Steck Award, Deans' & Chancellor's & HUGRA Awards
Evan Kuluk, Deans' Award
Tracey Kwong, Goldwater Award, Doug Drexler Chemistry Scholarship, C. Fiore Chemistry Prize, Regents Scholar

Joel LaFall, MARC
David Laidig, CUIP '03-04
Katherine Lamb, CUIP '03-04
Matthew Lane, UCSC Classical Music Scholarship
Mark Lawler, Regents Scholar
Trinh Thi Hong Le, Karl S. Pister LOA
Dasha Lebedeva, Richard Cooley Friends Foundation International Award
Sarah LeVar, CUIP '03-04
Ryan Linke, Irwin Scholarship
Elma Lorenzo-Blanco, Regents Scholar
Alex Luo, SCCIE S'04
Jamie Mannion, Deans' & Chancellor's Awards
Noam Manor, Regents Scholar

Etienne Marcoux, CUIP '03-04
Brandi Martin, Deans' Award
Carey Martinez, SCCIE w'04
Bonny Masters, Regents Scholar
Brigid McCabe, W.H. & S.B. Irwin Scholarship & CUIP
Erin McCabe, CUIP '03-04
Megan McDevitt, UCSC Classical Music Scholarship
Claire McMurty, Regents Scholar
Jason Meadows, Regents Scholar
Philip Measor, Deans' & Chancellor's Award

Claudia Mendez, Nancy Pascal Scholarship Award
Arren Mendezona, CUIP '03-04
Eugene Meydbray, Deans' & Chancellor's Awards
Daniel Miffin, Regents Scholar
David Millar, Weber/Holt
Elizabeth Milne-Kahn, CUIP '03-04
Anna Mitchell, Regents Scholar
Jennifer Mo, Regents Scholar
Eva Morales, Regents Scholar
Blake Morris, Deans' Award
Dana Morton, Regents Scholar
Nicolette Mueller, CUIP '03-04
Million Negassi, Deans' & AAUC Research Awards

Krys Nelson, Gilbert Award
Lewis Nerenberg, Regents Scholar
Shaden Nersh, Regents Scholar
Dustin Newell, MBRS
Laura Newman, Irwin Scholarship
Lily Nguyen, Regents Scholar
Thao Nguyen, Deans' & Chancellor's Awards
Lauren Noble, Regents Scholar
Mallory Olguin, SCCIE S'04, Porter Outstanding Resident
Matthew Orique, Regents Scholar
Zachary Orman, Regents Scholar
Alejandro Orozco, MARC
Athena Osborn, Porter Student of the Year
Jeffrey Otter, Regents Scholar
Jason Padoan, SCCIE S'04
Mark Pauley, Regents Scholar
Baker Peeples, Ernest & Jean Kretschmer Music Scholarship, String Competition

Cassandra Pereira, Deans' & Chancellor's Awards
Vladislav Petkov, Deans' Award
Lori Phillips, Regents Scholar
Benjamin Michael Pietrenka, Deans' & HUGRA Awards
Sarah Pinneo, Regents Scholar
Emily Plumb, CUIP '03-04
Ryan Post, Irwin Scholarship
Rikke Kvist, Preisler Deans' Award
Emily Quist, Irwin Scholarship
Duncan Ralph, Regents Scholar
Jessica Ramirez, Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '04-05
Eloisa Ramos, Regents Scholar
Julia Randall, Terence Freitas Memorial Scholarship
Kory Rapanut, CUIP '03-04
Angie Redlich, Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '04-05
Lucy-Kate Reeve, Regents Scholar

Alex Reichline, CUIP '03-04
Nicholas Reynolds, Regents Scholar
Megan Richards, Regents Scholar
Marquita Richardson, Deans' Award
Kate Richerson, Regents Scholar
Megan Rippy, Regents Scholar
Anna Robbert, Regents Scholar
Maracia Roddy, UCSC Classical Music Scholarship
Veronica Rodriquez, MARC
Daniel Roth, Regents Scholar
Nicole Ruch, SCCIE S'04
Samantha Olivia Sadlowski, Karl S. Pister L.O.A.
Benjamin Samuel, Regents Scholar
Rafael Schiller-Laden, Deans' & Chair's Award for Best Essay in Asian World History

Victoria Schirado, Regents Scholar
Angela Schmid, Deans' Award
Alexandria Schneiter-Todd, Deans' Award
Laurel Schwartz, Grosvenor Cooper Memorial Music Scholarship
Marie Schwarz, Regents Scholar
Maria Segarra, Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '04-05
Carrie Seidler, HUGRA
Morag Sewell, Irwin Scholarship
Reza Shabani, Household Credit Service & SCCIE Award
Elizabeth Shaheen, CUIP '03-04
David Shaw, Richard Cooley Friends Foundation International Award
Sage Silva, Regents Scholar
Kaylie Simon, Nancy Pascal Scholarship Award
Hecha Singh, Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '04-05
Tunisha Singleton, CUIP '03-04
Chad Sisemore, Regents Scholar
Martin Smith, HUGRA & Melkonian Prize for Undergraduate Research
Starry Sprenkle, Deans' Award
Gregory Friend Stemler, Holly Day Barnett Scholarship

Danile Strain, Regents Scholar
Rebecca Stuhlbarg, Deans' Award
Kaila Sughrue, Regents Scholar
Michelle-Marie Miyeko Taketa, Deans' Award
Roy Tenenbaum, Irwin Scholarship
Eric Terao, Deans' & Chancellor's Awards
Evynne Testa-Avila, Regents Scholar
Adam Thompson, CUIP '03-04
Ariestya Tjhin, Irwin Scholarship
Fatima Torres, CUIP '03-04
Kathleen Tuite, Regents Scholar
Daniel Patrick, Turner Deans' Award
Stephanie Lynn, Turner Deans' Award
Rachel Utzinger, Regents Scholar
Alexia Valdes, Regents Scholar
Boaz Vilozny, Kenneth and Ann Thimann Scholarship
Peter Wagreich, UCSC Classical Music Scholarship
Diana Kiyo Wakimoto, Deans' Award & Regents Scholar
Ian Walker, Regents Scholar
Julia Walters, Ernest & Jean Kretschmer & Eltinge Music Scholarships, Department String Competition

Argenta Walther, Skolnick Memorial Fund Scholarship
Ruby Wara-Goss, Regents Scholar
Rachel Warren, Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '04-05
Laurel Waycott, Deans' Award
Evan Weiss, Regents Scholar
Maya Weltman-Fahs, Regents Scholar
Emily Wesolowski, Regents Scholar
Teela Williams, Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '04-05
Thea Wilson, Kenneth and Ann Thimann Scholarship
Andrew Wiser, Regents Scholar
Cody Wofsy, HUGRA and Regents Scholar
Aaron Wolf, Honorable Mention--Goldwater Scholarship Committee, Elmer A. Fridley & Regents Scholar
Lisa M. Woodhouse, Karl S. Pister L.O.A.
Evan Wulf, Regents Scholar
Maliha Zaidi, Regents Scholar
Vera Zelichenok, Ernest & Jean Kretschmer Music Scholarship
Wenbo Zhang, SCCIE S'04
Tamara Zibners, W.H. & S.B. Irwin Scholarship
Shirleyanne Zosa, MBRS

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