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Banff Mountain Film Festival

Saturday, February 21
(Films subject to change – not necessarily in order)

High Life * Custom World Tour Version (USA, 2003, 20 minutes)
Directors: Todd Jones, Steve Jones, Dirk Collins, Corey Gavitt
Producer: Jon Klaczkiewicz
Features progressive big mountain skiing from Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, over the head powder in Utah, ski mountaineering huge couloirs in the Dolomites, and Victoria Jealouse boarding spectacular lines in Northern BC.

Front Range Freaks - Dirty Bird (Derek Hersey) (USA, 2003, 24 minutes)
Director/Producer: Peter Mortimer
Climber Derek Hersey's unique character, skills, and lifestyle are highlighted in this touching and humorous collection of archival footage and interviews with friends and family. Subtitles.

Falling (USA, 2003, 6 minutes)
Director/Producer: John Armstrong
This short film about waterfall kayaking beautifully captures the awe and exhilaration that kayakers experience when they are able to find harmony in a very special place.

Parahawking (UK, 2003, 34 minutes)
Directors/Producers: Graham Saunders-Griffiths, Scott Mason, Adam Hill
Nestled in the heart of Nepal’s foothills and set against the backdrop of the majestic Himalayas, the city of Pokhara has played host to the evolution of a remarkable story. Adam Hill and Rajesh Bomjan, owners of Sunrise Paragliding, meet Scott Mason, a falconer from England, and in a charming twist of fate their passions become entwined. Together they train birds of prey to fly with paragliders.

Front Range Freaks: Biscuit * Custom World Tour Version (USA, 2003, 3 minutes)
Director/Producer: Peter Mortimer
With encouragement from owner Tom, Biscuit — a small dog with an appetite for big climbs — makes her way up difficult and committing rock faces.

Self titled * Custom World Tour version (Canada, 2003, 15 minutes)
Director/Producers: Mike Kinrade, Jeremy Grant
Mountain bike action from British Columbia! From the makers of Riders Anonymous, this special version of Self Titled features urban trials, big jumps, and hard crashes set to a strong soundtrack.

The Other Final - 2003 GRAND PRIZE WINNER (Netherlands, 2002, 53 minutes)
Director: Johan Kramer ; Producer: Jacqueline Kouwenberg – KesselsKramer
On the same day as Germany and Brazil played in the World Cup Final in Japan, the national teams of Bhutan and Montserrat met in an officially sanctioned, friendly match in Thimphu, the Bhutanese capital. Ranked at the very bottom of international soccer, they played strictly for the love of the game. The film follows the two teams in their respective countries as the prepare for the match, travel to the stadium and play in the Other Final.

Sunday, February 22
(Films subject to change – not necessarily in order)

Unlimited Winter * Custom World Tour Version (Canada, 2003, 5 minutes)
Director/Producer: David McMahon
Mixing traditional and modern cross-country skiing, "Unlimited Winter" provides a dynamic and unusual look this sport. Featuring Olympic medalist Beckie Scott.

Wehyakin * Custom World Tour Version (USA, 2003, 21 minutes)
Directors/Producers: Arden Oksanen, Trask McFarland
Witness a crew of international paddlers explore wild whitewater in Iceland, Mexico, and Norway. Some swearing.

Eiger North Face – In the Footsteps of Its First Climbers (Eiger-Nordwand – Auf den Spuren der Erstbesteiger)2003 BEST FILM ON CLIMBING
(Switzerland, 2002, 52 minutes)
Directors: Frank Senn, Thomas Ulrich Producer: Otto Honegger
In 2002, the accomplished mountaineers Stephan Siegrist and Michal Pitelka take on the challenge of climbing the Eiger’s infamous North Face using equipment similar to that available to the first-ascent party in 1938. The documentary follows the two men in their attempt to repeat the original feat and observes their battles with themselves, the Eiger’s North Face and their unusual, outdated equipment. Subtitles.

ROCKSTARS! – One Steep Planet * Custom World Tour Version
(Switzerland, 2003, 12 minutes)
Director: Alec Wohlgroth Producer: Halsundbeinbruch Film
Mountain Biking. The Swiss Alps provide the backdrop for variety of wild stunts and escapades on and off the bike.

Cost of Freedom (USA, 2002, 36 minutes) Director/Producer: Vanessa Schulz
In 1995, a wolf reintroduction effort in Idaho generated heated controversy, but this time all the major players, human and animal alike, were captured on film. Showing the intensity of the passions that motivate all sides of the wolf issue, Cost of Freedom lays out an accessible and infuriating portrait of the wolf question, no matter which side you are on.

Janica Kostelic (USA, 2003, 23 minutes)
Director/Producer: Bud Greenspan
The civil war of 1991 in Yugoslavia left the Kostelic family jobless and penniless, but with their mutual love for skiing intact. Ante Kostelic, a self-taught coach, would drive his two children, Janica and Ivica, to the Austrian Alps to train. Living out of their car, they often skied on closed or backcountry slopes, and slept outside at night. They arrived in Salt Lake City with no expectations of what would happen when they took on the titans of Olympic alpine skiing.

For more information contact UCSC Recreation at (831)459-2806
Kathy Ferraro, Banff On Site Host & UCSC Recreation Supervisor

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