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December 3, 2001

Making the News

Economist Lori Kletzer appeared in a front-page San Jose Mercury News article about the closing of the Salz tannery.

The San Francisco Chronicle ran a story about research by graduate student Lesley Perg (now at the University of Hannover) and professor of Earth sciences Robert Anderson on the age of the marine terraces near Santa Cruz, which has implications for earthquake frequency.

Veronica Tonay in psychology has fielded a number of media calls since September 11, including one from the Associated Press about dreams--and nightmares--people are having since the attacks. An Ohio radio station and the Santa Cruz Sentinel also called Tonay for stories about coping with stress in the wake of the terrorist attacks. The Sentinel also tapped Tonay for a story about kids leaving home for college. . . . Speaking of dreams, Bill Domhoff's dream research was mentioned in the New York Times. DreamBank, his online database of nearly 10,000 dreams, made the cut in a recent "Online Diary" column.

Also in psychology, Anthony Pratkanis did another 9/11-related interview with the Los Angeles Times, this time on how to promote democracy in nondemocratic nations. He also penned a sharply worded op-ed for Newsday about the risks of censoring the words of Osama bin Laden.

Professor of Earth sciences Gary Griggs and graduate student Kiki Runyan were featured in a San Diego Union-Tribune story about shoreline erosion and beach restoration projects.

David Wellman's expertise on racism was apparent in a Los Angeles Times article about negative attitudes toward Chinese Americans.

Lora Martin, director of the UC Monterey Bay Education, Science, and Technology (MBEST) Center, was a guest on the KUSP Radio program Talk of the Bay.

The Chronicle of Higher Education cited work by sociology instructor Mike Males in a recent article about violent crime, and Males wrote an opinion piece for LA Weekly on the same topic.

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