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March 11, 2002

New Faculty

Federico Ravenna
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Federico Ravenna
Assistant Professor, Economics

Federico Ravenna studies open-economy macroeconomics and the ways central bank monetary policies affect business cycles, financial crises, jobs, and wages. His research focuses on inflation targeting, and he has developed a methodology to identify the impacts of monetary policy on inflation. In international economics, he specializes in monetary policy and the management of exchange rates. Prior to joining UCSC, Ravenna worked for private research centers and as a consultant on a European Union project. Ravenna earned his Ph.D. and a master's in economics from New York University, a master's of philosophy in international economics from the University of Derby in the United Kingdom, and his undergraduate degree in economics from Luiss University in Rome.

Margaret Wilson
Photo: Jon Kersey
Margaret Wilson
Assistant Professor, Psychology

Margaret Wilson is a cognitive psychologist who specializes in short-term, or working, memory. She has conducted extensive research on the ways in which deaf and hearing people use sign language and the spoken word, respectively, in building short-term memory. Her current research is on "embodied cognition," or how people use visual and auditory information, as well as body movement, to help perform cognitive tasks. Wilson joins the UCSC faculty from North Dakota State University, where she was an assistant professor from 1997 to 2001. She earned her doctorate in psychology from UC Berkeley and her bachelor's in psychology from Reed College.

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