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October 9, 2000

Social sciences honors two for teaching

By Jennifer McNulty

Two longtime professors were honored by the Division of Social Sciences last week for their excellence in teaching.

Dane Archer, professor of sociology, and Isebill "Ronnie" V. Gruhn, professor of politics, received the Division of Social Sciences' 1999-2000 Distinguished Teaching Awards at an annual division convocation hosted by Dean Martin Chemers. The awards, which recognize outstanding undergraduate teaching in the social sciences, carry with them a $500 cash prize and an engraved plaque that features a "golden apple."

Archer, an expert in verbal and nonverbal communication, joined the UCSC faculty in 1972. His other areas of expertise include violence, war, and peace; social psychology; cross-national research; crime and law.

Gruhn joined UCSC in 1969. An expert in international politics, Gruhn focuses on African politics, as well as international and transnational institutions. She is also interested in relations between rich and poor states.

"Dane Archer and Ronnie Gruhn represent so much of what is wonderful about UCSC's faculty," said Chemers. "They are both highly accomplished scholars who bring an interdisciplinary approach to their research, and they excel in the classroom, where they have inspired their students as well as their colleagues. It is my great pleasure to honor their contributions to the campus."

Archer and Gruhn were selected by Chemers from a list of recommendations compiled by a faculty committee based on nominations put forth by department chairs. The committee was chaired by Daniel Press, Pepper-Giberson Associate Professor of Environmental Studies. The annual awards were established in 1991.

Social sciences is one of five academic divisions at UCSC; the others are arts, engineering, humanities, and natural sciences. Each division is home to a wide range of departments and programs.

Social sciences includes anthropology, community studies, economics, education, environmental studies, Latin American and Latino studies, legal studies, politics, psychology, and sociology.

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