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July 3, 2000

Biology Department offers new 'ecology and evolution' major

By Tim Stephens

The Biology Department has received approval to offer a new B.S. degree in ecology and evolution and will begin admitting students to the new major in fall of 2000.

In addition to the new major, the department has made several changes in biology degree titles:

  • addition of a B.S. to the existing biology B.A. offering

  • replacement of the B.A. with a B.S. in marine biology

  • replacement of the B.A. with a B.S. in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology.

The new ecology and evolution major will give students a broad background in biology and an in-depth understanding of ecology and evolutionary biology. In addition, students will be encouraged to have a concentration in one of four areas: ecology, behavioral ecology, physiological ecology, or evolution.

"There has been an informal pathway for students with a strong interest in ecology and evolutionary biology, but the new major provides a structured program and ensures that students will come out with a strong degree," said professor of biology Laurel Fox.

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