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Scientists record extraordinary sounds made by minke whales

When Jason Gedamke and Daniel Costa first went to Australia to record the sounds of dwarf minke whales, people told them they were wasting their time. There were very few reports of minke whale vocalizations, and some experts believed the species rarely made any sounds at all. But according to Gedamke, a UCSC graduate student, not only are minke whales vocal, their repertoire includes a loud and distinctive songlike sequence unlike any previously recorded whale sound. The researchers report their findings in the June issue of the Journal of the Acoustic Society of America. MORE

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June 4-10, 2001
Vol. 5, No. 41

Astronomer Sandra Faber elected to American Philosophical Society

Long Marine Lab celebrates completion of new facilities

UCSC part of systemwide jump in transfer admissions

Week honors student achievement; undergraduate researchers present findings

Faculty, teaching assistants honored for excellence in the classroom

Early birds will get the berries at Farm's Market Cart

UCSC commencement exercises begin Friday, June 8

UCSC faculty have roles in two of the three projects funded by UC center

Campus road construction, repairs to slow summer traffic

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