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Congratulations to last week's winners: Tara Crowley, Aureliano DeSoto, Mike Donegan, Kathie Kenyon, and Krista Lombard. Please note: Even if you've won a mug, we welcome your votes and comments.

Responses to last week's question: Half of Currents respondants would return Barry Bonds' 500th home run ball to him; the other half would keep it. The tally was 8 yes, 9 no, and 1 unsure. A sampling of readers' views follows.

On the yes side:

"I would return it to the history-making hitter. I'm sure it would mean more to him than to me. If he hit 500 home runs, then he deserves the ball!"

"Priced at $500,000, this homerun ball could pay off student loans and send someone into early retirement, but to Barry Bonds this homerun ball is worth much more than that. He earned that ball and he deserves to keep it. I would give it back to him . . . and then probably ask for an autograph."

On the no side:

"Why bother making a super-rich athlete even richer?"

"Bonds got the bat that he hit it with, why not have the ball go to a fan. The fans are the ones that make him who he is anyway. "

Tell us what you think: Each week, we post a question about a topic that's been in the news, is of general interest, or has been suggested by our readers. You have a chance to "weigh in" with a simple "yes," "no," or "unsure," or you may elaborate if you like. Responses are due by Friday at 8 a.m.

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This week's question: At the recent city-university meeting and at the staff forum, Chancellor Greenwood expressed support for a UCSC-City partnership that would incorporate housing for K-12 teachers and public safety workers into future university housing projects. Do you think this is a good idea?

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