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Lessons of love: Movie plots reflect real life

In her new book, UCSC sociologist Marcia Millman asserts that films like Titanic, The Bridges of Madison County, and Pretty Woman resonate with audiences in part because they reflect plot lines that turn up over and over again in real life: stories of first love, sacrifice, rescue, and postponement. MORE

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April 30-May 6, 2001
Vol. 5, No. 36

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Ask the UCSC Wind Ensemble

Study looks at which came first: Toxics or minorities

Engineering school offers new major in bioinformatics

Scholar and activist Frances Fox Piven speaks Monday, April 30

Assistant dean plays role in History Channel program

Public lecture and awards ceremony to honor chemist Joseph Bunnett

Lavender, peppers, and tomatoes featured at UCSC Farm plant sale on May 5-6

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