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Congratulations to last week's winners: Martha Brown, Sebastian Chilco, Gwendolyn Mathieu, Mark Sine, and Doug Tabacco.

Responses to last week's question: Currents readers were nearly evenly divided on the question of whether Highway 1 should be widened. Although the question didn't specify which part of highway was meant, and a few readers wondered about this, most respondents commented on the congested sections of freeway. The votes were 16 yes, 17 no, and 4 unsure. A sampling of readers' views follows.

On the yes side:

"Adding a lane to a busy and congested highway is important for safety and mobility. This should be balanced with alternate transportation modes like buses. "

"Any improvement to roads in today's world is better.  There just seems to be more and more traffic all the time."

On the no side:

"'If you build it, they will come.'  Please don't increase the 'paving of America,' by widening highway 1.  Instead, utilize mass transit, light rail, as alternatives to 'one driver, one vehicle' mentality/use."

"Instead of paving an ever broader swath of freeway lanes across the land, we should create and fund a rail system for our commuting hordes. Why must we remain so backwards and car-addicted in the area of transportation? "


"I'd favor widening only if it included a plan for some kind of mass transit lane (bus, carpool, or rail)."

"Widening the highway may not decrease traffic conjestion--it may only result in the same flow of traffic from two lanes to three lanes. However adding a carpool lane might encourage more persons to drive together or take a bus. "

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This week's question: Should Santa Cruz relax its growth restrictions so more housing could be built?

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