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UCSC researchers produce human genome CD for National Millennium Time Capsule

Safely housed inside the National Millennium Time Capsule for the next 100 years, alongside Ray Charles's sunglasses and a piece of the Berlin Wall, is a CD-ROM disk produced by UC Santa Cruz researchers that contains the DNA sequence of the human genome. One of the crowning achievements of 20th-century science, the human genome sequence represents all of the genetic instructions for a human being. UCSC researchers played a key role in this achievement, creating a powerful new computer program to assemble fragmented data from the major sequencing labs into a coherent sequence. (More)

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January 22-28, 2001
Vol. 5, No. 22

Regents approve retirement plan improvements

Committees will review energy conservation, response to blackouts

UC Santa Cruz collaborates with university in Thailand

Researchers trace toxins through marine food web in Monterey Bay

NAACP's Mfume addressing Martin Luther King Jr. convocation

United Way campaign wraps up January 31

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